2 weeks mag 10

I’m just finishing up my first 2 weeks of Mag 10 and the Growth Surge Project. I’m now going into the maintaining two weeks. My question is… I was doing 400g protein, 500g carb during the bulking, should I still keep this 40%/50% ration when cutting out 15% of my calories, or should I increase protein or fat and cut down the carbs more?

I would think to “MAINTAIN”… you would cut 15% accross the board…

Fat should be bumped up to at least 30%, preferably 35% of your total calories to facilitate in the recovery of natural testosterone production.

Protein intake can be significantly dropped, as the extremly high intake is only neccesary when rapidly putting lean body mass. I would recommend 1.35 grams per lb. of LBM while on a maintainance calories.

Figure out what's left over, and there goes your carb intake. Hope this helps.

i would think you can decrease protein and defnately decrease carbs. try massive eating with 3 p/c meals and 3 p/f meals a day.