2 Weeks Left (Before Cruising) but Ran Out of Test

Hi, got 2 weeks left for my Test E (500)/ Tren E (300) cycle but I screwed up and ran out of Test. I’m also on Winny for the last few weeks. I’m thinking I’d just bump my Tren to 400 for the few last shots without the Test? After that, I’ll start cruising with Test (I just ordered). What do you think?

Honestly, you pretty much fucked up beyond repair. Always have all you need and stuff in reserve.

The problem is that if you run tren higher than test you have a high risk of getting into tren-dick problems, which sometimes are irreversible. If one has a need for erections, i wouldn’t suggest running 19nors higher than test. So you definitely will be dropping tren as soon as possible, not upping it.

As far as cruise goes, your 500mgs a week turns into 250 in a week. In 2 weeks its 125mgs which is below a cruise dose which ruins the whole point of a cruise( not being on low test after a blast).
You can do a PCT and all that fuckery just as well now.

Why? What would dropping Tren 100mg actually do?

Thankfully, I found a friend who has an extra vial. :face_exhaling:

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It’s interesting you say that as in the majority of comments when comparing test:tren ratios most say it’s better to run higher tren lower test because of decreased side effects.

Disclaimer: never ran tren in my life.

Maybe other tren sides, yes, but then again the majority dread the tren dick. I believe that as long as your test is always the highest of all drugs, you wont get these sides.

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Could this side effect be mitigated or generally avoided by introducing cabergoline?

Not sure. Some of 19nor sides cannot be explained. Those who break their dicks with these usually check hormones and fix them but their dicks dont work anyway. I don’t think that problem is caused by prolactin. Cabergoline fixes lactation and prolactin induced gyno.

Difficult to measure nerve / neurotransmission damage with traditional blood tests.

I’ll spare everyone the “spam” studies and papers :face_holding_back_tears:.