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2 Weeks Into First Cycle. Start Arimidex?

Hi guys

Clarification question for all people with experience with steroids.

Started my first testosterone cycle. 400mg a week. Thought I’d start with a smaller cycle.

I’m on my 5th pin, so essentially two weeks in as I’m doing 0.8 mg every 3.5 days.

Currently have no high estrogen symptoms. Checked BP every day and it’s fine, no puffy face, sex drive is fine.
I feel like I’ve got sensitive nips in shirts, no itch sometimes but tbh I feel like it’s in my fucking head. There’s no lumps behind my nips or anything. I am holding a bit of water but my carbs are high and sodium is aswell. I’ll drop that back this week.

I’ve got arimidex on hand - havnt taken any of it yet. Plan is to get blood work 5 or 6 weeks into cycle to see where I’m at.

Was thinking about playing safe and starting with 0.25mg after each pin after this week of pins, so after 6 shots of 200mgs of test. I know its individual dependant but do you think this is ok if I do that and moniter for signs of low estrogen like sore joints, poor sex drive lack of sleep etc. Don’t want to crash estrogen nor do I want it getting out of control with 6 weeks of pinning with NO AI

Thoughts? Wait for high estrogen symptoms ?

Wait for symptoms. If you crash your e2 it’ll be much worse than waiting to see if symptoms actually arise. E2 is pretty important for growth.

Nothing you described is abnormal or worrisome. The nipple sensitivity is normal. Your body is getting used to hormonal changes. Don’t throw drugs at a non existent problem.

250mg Test. per week is more than enough for a first cycle. You can only gain so much muscle in a cycle. Less chance of needing an AI as well.