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2 Weeks In, Cycle Not Working. Help

So I’m taking 0.5 ml sustanon 400 a week… And trenbolone acetate 1 ml every other day and dbol 5 tablet of 10 MG a day… And been taking this for almost 2 weeks and I see no chsnge at all! What could. Be wrong?

do you eat bro?

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I eat and lift very good! Why I use gear if I don’t eat n lift?

maybe your gear is fake :frowning:

Checked the secret code on the company website and it confirmed its not fake!

i am on 250mg test and 250mg eq and it hit me in 2 weeks and now i am getting huge every week with increased pump.

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Youre only two weeks in. Your tren and part of your Sus blend is shorter ester but its still going to take at least this long to really see something. Give it another week… or two.

Look it’s possible you have fake gear, it’s possible it’s underdosed, who knows. Get bloods and check

Otherwise give it time (however not gaining on 50mg Dbol/day seems like a bit of a red flag to me), I mean that’s a high dose to start with.

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yes 20mg a day dbol and my face turned into balloon in 10 days

You checked a secret code on the company website that sold you or is in somehow connected to your gear to determine its not fake?
my guy that’s not a good sign if they have a secret code checker for buyers to verify the gear.

The issue I have is with 2 weeks of tren ace and 2 weeks of 50mg dbol/day and you don’t notice a difference I can almost guarantee your gear is fake or you are in NO shape to be using steroids.

this days most of the gears have secret code , mine did too and its legit.

Lol secret code. You know who loves that secret code? Law enforcement. There was a fairly major operation out of the UK that got busted last year, and before the bust happened Interpol took control of the company’s website. So everyone who checked the verification code was nice enough to send their IP info directly to Interpol.


Except steroid posession for personal use is legal in the UK

If only it was the same here… But no, posession can land you a jail sentence in QLD and NT (other states it’s typically a small fine), in US I believe it’s jailtime though, right?

What am I missing here?

You buy gear from a company. This company has secret codes that only they put on thier bottle so when you get the gear you can check your secret code to make sure it came from that company and not a knock off.

You are NOT checking to make sure you gear is legit with some steroid world code checker database. Your simply verifying that you bought the gear from the said company. This does NOT mean the gear is real lol

Are laws and justice system here is so fucked up bro. First let me say it will vary from state to state. But yes potentially everywhere it could carry jail time for simple possession. The chances of you actually serving time for possessing steroids (like a personal amount) is Slim to none tho if they even follow thru with the charge you’d most likely get a fine and a stern scolding from a judge.

Now if you fuck around and get caught playing with the mail or selling gear your ass is going to jail you won’t pass go you won’t collect $200 gmyour getting locked up. Especially if it’s the mail sense the US postal service is a federal entity.

What’s your tren dosed at?

Also, steroids aren’t magic. What is your diet and training like? Dont just say “it’s great” list it out; your training regime, your diet, macros, etc. Also, where are you starting from? Age, height, weight, bodyfat %, training history? What is your planned outcome: bulk, cut, recomp? What’s your cycle history, is this your first? How long will this cycle be? What’s your PCT plan?

My guess is this for the codes. From what I understand there is a fairly popular pharma ugl that uses distributors to sell their products and they have been known to be faked. So, the lab includes a code of some kind that you can check to see if it was actually made there. You are right, you still have to trust that the lab is making what it says it is, but I guess their reputation is enough for people buying their products.

Same here, it’s a felony to use a fake name in the mail.

I meant that I checked it with the company code… Keifee it was! And mediatech! And thaigr for dbol

Could it be the test dose I take is low?