2 Weeks Good, Now Back to Baseline

doc finally put me on more aggressive dose 100 once a week. took about 3 weeks, injecting sundays, started feeling lower anxiety on friday. energy came on, more confident, outgoing, feeling bold. Started being more friendly with coworkers, hitting on random girls, and using tinder. Matched with a girl, sent her some texts, didn’t try very hard, conversations via text were simple, relaxed and polite, and she agreed to come over to my place for dinner, for 1st date. Things went well, was flirty friendly and fun. We went to bed and it was great, felt hungry like I used to feel, not faking it and going through the motions. was very happy with the results. after months and months finally feeling some results. i’m back to baseline though now, keeping the same dosage but effect is gone. do we have to wait for our bodies production to shut down completely before consistent? I figure when you start you have injected t and natural t going strong. then natural t stops and you only have injected t. then increase injected t and you’re good to go. just a theory… Have drug test tomorrow and follow up appointment in 2 weeks. was nice to feel good again, looking forward to feeling better consistently.

What you felt is called the Honeymoon phase. Nope it never comes back. You can get close if you can get your protocol tuned in meaning finding the right TT lvl and E2 for you. An that is the trick what works for other more than likely won’t for you. You have to go thru the experiments.

A 100mg weekly isn’t an aggressive dose, it’s about average and is a common starting weekly dose.