2 Weeks From First Contest. 21 Yrs Old, Training 7 Years


cutting for the first time. get down from 106 to 88kg currently

Plenty good for 21 years old.
Though 7 years training should show some good results.
Must be nice to be blessed with full calves.

What are your short term goals (the next 6 to 9 months)?
Is competition in your future plans?
And how would you rate your strength?

Body looks great. The face, I don’t know. Maybe shave your head, get a scar. Just joking :upside_down_face:. Great work.

two weeks out of competition in bodybuilding under 90 kg currently. after rest for a while.
calves are pretty huge, they bigger than my arms, also leaner.

im strong, but im training pretty healthy for plenty of reps, and doing excersises slow, under control.

Good problem to have. It is much easier to train your arms to get larger than your calves, then the other way around.

Your competitors are going to envy those calves

See if you can get a little sharper.

You look excellent!

Thank you! I decided to go into two years bulk to get more tissue