2 Weeks Before or 2 Weeks After?

My aim is to do some serious cutting shortly.
I’m going to be running a 8 week Test Prop & Masteron cycle along with a 6 week t3 with Clen (alterbating with ECA every 2 weeks).

As I will be only running the t3 for 6 weeks, is it better to start the Test Prop & Masteron first, then after 2 weeks start the t3, or start everything at the same time leaving the Test Prop & Masteron with an extra 2 weeks after the last t3?

Or should I just go with a 8 week t3 cycle too?

Help is appreciated guys

Your best approach to this would be to limit your carbohydrate intake and split your caloric intake down to 5 or 6 smaller meals per day. This would enable you to shed some degree of fat, while adding muscle. The combination of this would result in an overall leaner physique, without sacrificing gains during your cycle.

Frankly, I find it a much more practical method than “cut and bulk” or vice versa.

ive been advised to start it at the same time for anyones reference

why would u run t3 for so long? read about t3 cycles. Try for 2 weeks and cycle off for 2 weeks. How many mcg’s are u gonna take? And start the t3 with ur prop jus make sure u have AAS in ur system when u take t3.