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2 Weekers

Hey guys planning my next run. Curious as to what feedback I get because it’s not how you would typically run a cycle. I’m 21, 236lb, 6’1 lifting for the past 5 years. Past cycles: 3 weeker of Superdrol, 7 weeker of test prop with Superdrol for the first 3 weeks. Even with a proper pct in place I felt shutdown for too long after that second cycle. So when the time comes i want to try bill Roberts cycle plan out. I will do it a little different, by running 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for 3 times.

First run: tren ace and dbol
Front load tren @ 150mg day one
Days 2-12: 75 mg tren Ed
Days 1-14:dbol 40 mg Ed

2 weeks off with clomid and natty t boosters

Second run: test prop and Superdrol
Days 1-10: test prop @200mg Ed
Days 1-14: Superdrol@30mg Ed

2 weeks off with clomid and natty t boosters

Third run: tren ace and dbol
Same as first run.

Take at least 6 weeks off to recover.

So I need opinions. I’m planning on running this without any ancillaries because I figure at 2 weeks at a time no sides will have time to show. However, I do have nolva,clomid, and an ai on hand. No letro or caber available to me at this point in time. Main reason I’m trying out these short cycles is for one I want to minimize shutdown, and two I am able to come on a lot more frequently. I know gains aren’t going to be as explosive, just looking to gain gradually and just see if short cycles are what I need.

Any advise would be appreciated.

I dont know any thing about 2 weeker, but why even front load short ester stuff like Tren Ace? That seems odd.