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2 Weeker Series

Hey guys, I know alot enjoy to read how other cycles are going-Im particularly interested in the 2 weeks on/2-4 weeks off method. If anyone with experience would like to critic shoot away, I will be logging.

22yrs old
Cycle #3 (Cycle 1 was 12 weeks test e with drol, #2 was a 2 week dbol/tren)
height: 5’5-5’6
weight: 179
bf%: very low-guessing 6-7
Max Bench: 325lbs
squat: been awhile but last time was 380lbs
DL’s: downfall-I do 325 for sets of 5-6


Training Day 1: Chest/Back/Abs, supersets

Inclind DB Press 5 sets
Pullups 5 sets
Flat Barbell Bench 4-5 sets
DB Rows 4-5 sets
lying leg raises 2x15
sit ups 2x15

Day 2: Hams/Quads/Calves supersets

Squats 5 sets
Leg curls 5 sets
Leg Ext 4 sets
Stiff leg DL’s 4 sets
Standing calf raises 3 sets
calf press 2 sets

Day 3: Shoulders/Bi’s/Tri’s supersets

Dips or close grips 5 sets
Barbell Curls 5 sets
over head tri Ext. 5 sets
preacher pad DB curls or concentration curls 5 sets

I ramp the weight up, and the reps down. 1st set is at 15 then 12, 10, 8, 6.

Cals are up to about 4,000-4,300

Fats 150ish
Protein 300ish
Carbs 250-350ish

I often sub one excercise for another.

Cycle Plan:

Day 1-2
200mg Test Prop ed
50mg Winn
50mg Dbol
Day 3-10
150mg Test Prop ed
50mg Winn
50mg Dbol
Day 11-14
Winn 50mg
Dbol 50mg

Ill be using 10mg Nolva ed on cycle.

I might stop the Winn day 13 cause I read its got a 48hr active life. I need the drugs cleared out or very low-enough to start recovery, by day 15.

PCT starts Day 15 @20mg Nolva ed for 2 weeks.

Day 1 injection of 200mg Prop went well-min soreness. I poked the right VG. Toady I do the left VG.

I notice the test is kicked up-feel a little nauseous and calfs/biceps felt pumped up pretty good just a short 12hrs after first inject. I expect to feel fully ‘on’ by this time tomorrow.

BTW, Im expecting a 10lb gain-lets see how close I get.

As for my experience with the first 2 weeks I was on, I used Tren 100mg ed, Test Prop 25mg ed, Dbol 50mg ed. PCT was seemless. No mood crash, no strength crash, didnt loose a single lb, libido is still great. I didnt really even realize i was off (felt ‘off’) until about a week ago, its been 4 weeks sinse the last 2 weeker ended.

I lost about 5lbs from my first cycle, this two weeker brought back those lbs, solid.

good shit. That’s quite some volume in your training you got there.

You’re also using a LOT of AAS there. Keep us updates how it goes.

Also, your experience re: taking the 4 week break in between the 2 weekers chimes with mine.

I’ve just started my own 2 weeker (first in several months) last friday. im using 350mg test prop 350mg masterone front loaded etc (cos my tren hasn’t arrived boo!)

Also - why are you using nolva ON cycle? It’s for off cycle PCT - use arimidex.

Also also, wyh are your abs exercises so rubbish??? 2 sets of 15 leg raises??? 2 sets of 15 sit-ups lol, come on!!! That shit BETTA be on an inline bench.

And all those isolation exercises mmmm… Oh well, i wont spend too much time critiquing your ACTUAL training, this is an AAS forum after all, primarily.

Hey wyld thanks for hopping in. As for having such a heavy dose- Ive read and believe its nessessary to fully saturate your receptors due to the reason that the cycle is only 14 days.

I do not have an AI on hand at the monment which is why I choose to use Nolva durring cycle also-Fine for me cause its such a short cycle, and my body responds well to Nolva.

As for Ab work haha-not a concern at the monment-thats not to better them. I believe they’re fine for now.

If you have any suggestions on certain movements with my taining feel free to fire away-as long as it doesnt mess up the routine. I like to have a basic compound movement, with an isolation movement for all bodyparts.

Great news on a side note-I just received my 20lbs of Whey Protein LMFAO… So Ill be upping my protein to like 350g/day.