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2 weeker - problem!

Hi all,
Am one week into a set of two, two week cycles with three week breaks in between. The cycle consists of test prop, tren, and d-bol. So far so good - 4 pounds gained, no bloat or back pain, and the injection sites aren’t too painful. BUT - i’ve got a problem… I’ve got an opportunity to go to thailand for two weeks, which im going to take. I leave two days after my first two week cycle finishes. Now, i know that my eating won’t be as strict as it was at home, but i don’t want to go straight back to square one. Given the availability of steroids out there, i was thinking of changing my two weeker into a six weeker - stay ‘on’ the two weeks im away to stall any strength/size losses and then pick up from where i left off when i return…
The added difficulty is that im wary of injecting when im out there - im not too keen on running what i see as an increased risk of infection. I would therefore look to use orals. Can anyone suggest what would be a good two week stack for me to use or comment whether this would be a good idea at all? I’m thinking of continuing to run the dbol at 50mg/day, and maybe adding anavar.

Any help appreciated.

Should probably have added that currently im at 214 lbs, 11%b.f, this will be my third cycle, and I have the aim of adding 7-10 pounds overall. I?m running tren and test at 75mg/day, and d-bol at 50, which as I said im considering continuing. Am I right in thinking tren is very hard to get hold of in thailand?

I would not try and bring ANYTHING w/ you, just end it and take care of business when you return. Seriously.

I’ve heard in Thailand when you get off the plane there are signs that say ‘the penalty for drug smuggling is death’ OMG, why risk it. it will be a fun adventure to buy it there legally. shit, if i was there for two weeks i’d go crazy with hookers and dbol, what ever else you can find.

If you want to stay “on” while your “gone”, frontload long-acting ester drugs, like for example: enantate, cyponate, sustenon, equipoise, deca. This would help you maintain your gains while away. This would however defeat the purpose of your short cycling

“shit, if i was there for two weeks i’d go crazy with hookers and dbol, what ever else you can find.”

Hahaha I had to quote that Twisted that is great!

hookers and dbol. sounds like the title of a book by ru12nvme. anyhow, i would do one of two things. first, cut your losses and forget taking any steroids while gone. second, mail ahead whatever your on so you are guarenteed sterile gear and supplies. of course this will only work if you are staying in a hotel or relatives home. i would just drop the idea and make up for it when i returned.

dont they flog you like 62 times on your bare ass for shop lifiting in thailand? i wouldnt fuck around there!

When you done with your two weeker just go to thailand and when you come back do your next one… Sounds like a juice head in the making here.

i want to flog you 62 times pdog.

come on over big boy!

You’re right - you can’t get tren in Thailand. But that and halo are about the only things that you can’t get, if you shop around.
Personally I used dbol, winny & anavar (tot: 1g/ week) while I was there, as I was concerned about injecting in a tropical atmosphere. In hindsight, this might have been overly cautious; loads of juicers inject while they’re there, apparently without problems. And millions of tourists get vaccinated at clinics throughout the country every year. Just make sure that you STERILISE the injection site with alcohol; don’t rely on tap water to clean the area - this may in fact be worse.
If I were you I’d do the 6- weeker, as long as you have some clomid on hand for when you finish.
Nor is it illegal to purchase or leave Thailand with steroids. However, the country that you are bringing them in to will no doubt have something to say if they catch you - but at least you don’t have to worry about getting machine gunned for it (if you’re bringing them into the US) - not that you’ve said anything about doing that.

Take some sterile needles with you and go on 400 mg of primo there.

Thanks for all the responses, but i’ve got to clear one thing up - i wasn’t actually thinking of taking anything with me to thailand, or indeed out of thailand - life in a thai prison doesn’t sound too appealing… I’ve already purchased the gear for the second two weeker which i’ll begin on my return, but was thinking of buying some gear to use for the two weeks i was out there.

Debo - i know that with the proper precautions it’d probably be o.k, but im just too worried about the risk of infection to go the injectible route (or the hooker route for that matter…) So, i reckon i might run the d-bol straight through, and add in some anavar/primo tabs and maybe winny depending on price.

Thanks again for all the comments.

Hey, I live in Thailand and I can tell you that Tren just came out and its sweet. The most expensive 'roid in Thailand, but still, great to have it. I inject all the time without sterilization half the time and I’ve never had any problems. If you’re careful, you won’t have any problems. Just don’t buy any Pakistani Sustanon and you’ll be fine with the rest. In fact, drop me a line if you’re coming to Pattaya.

Good luck!

bro, you are doing the right thing. just chill until you get back. in the big picture of things it wont matter much. the bad far outweighs the good. to whoever said they dont steralize anything when they inject let me just say this. your a moron. how many times do you think you will get away with it before you get an infection. i dont know how much alcohol, cotton swabs and pins cost over there but i am sure it is cheaper then losing a limb. jesus, i cant believe i read that.

Don’t worry about the cost for syringes and needles. Where I buy my stuff you get that for free when you buy any injectable steroid. E-mail me if you go to Pattaya and I will take you there.