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2 Week Workout

this is the last week of my 10x3,(ends the 8th) i am looking for a 2 week workout, 3 days per week. i’m guessing strength since only 2 weeks but will take all suggestions. (i’m 59 and been working out 2 yrs. to keep the parts moving, if that matters)
why 2 wks ? well it’s the holidays, i always take that week off from training, (also july 4th week) this is my favorite week of the year, family, friends, good food, drink, etc. YES, i break the rules but do not care. (but do watch as much as possible)

I would either do 2 weeks of high rep work (8-12 reps - something different from the 10*3 program) or 1 week of high rep work then test for your max the week before your lay off.