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2 Week Test P Cycle Final Input

I am about to start a 2 week on 4 week off Test P cycle. This is my second cycle with the last one being about 6 months ago 12 weeks of test E with Winny for the last 8 weeks. Was running 750 of test a week. I liked the cycle got exactly what I needed out of it, but I found I grew too big too fast and had a lot of questions I didnt want to deal with from coworkers, friends etc.
I am now looking at doing the Bill Roberts 2 week on 4 week off thing and want some last minute confirmation and advice.

Day 1 - 200 Test P
Day 2-14 100 Test P

I also have Winny and Dbol on hand, could or should I add either of these too it. My goals are lean muscle and fat loss, not looking to bulk up much I want to stay lean and actually lean down more.
For anti E, I have lots of stuff on hand, but am confused regarding what is best in this situation. I have Arimidex, Nolva and Clomid. On my alst cycle I only had Nolva and Clomid, I started running the Nolva after about 5 weeks as I has senstivity, it went away and no issues. My plan os of now was .5 Arimidex EOD.
For PCT I had nothing planned, but I have seen conflict on this and some peoeple say run one week of PCT.

Your input and feedback are appreciated.

Well after reading pretty much every article I could find on BR and the 2 on 4 off this is what I am going with, I feel pretty good about this and the research I have done, but of course I could be missing something.

Day 1 - TP 300mg (This is a bit less then I have seen recommended on a front load but 450 is more then I am comfortble with)
day 2-12 - TP 150mg
Day 1-12 - Dbol 30mg a day - This I am still uncertain about slightly I dont think winny is right for how short the cycle is, but I dont want the bloat from Dbol and think Winny would be better but it appears Winny takes a bit longer to take effect even with short half life. I believe Arimidex will counter the bloat from high test and the Dbol.
Day 1-14 Arimidex 1mg EOD

Day 14 - 150mg clomid, 60mg Nolva (split three times in the day)
Day 15 - 21 - 25mg clomid 10 mg nolva

If anyone thinks this sounds off let me know, I will be starting this tomorrow and will keep you posted on results…

thanks for the post. I am planning on running something almost identical very soon as my first cycle. Was going to run prop and dbol, but now changed my mind, and am going to go with test suspension. From what ive read, it hits hard and fast and strength gains can be pretty dramatic even in a short period of time.

Going to use aromasin, and a similar pct to yourself. Very interested to see how this works out for you, please keep us posted (or at least keep me posted, as I can only speak for myself).