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2 Week Russian Bear Results


Russian Bear- Pavel Tsatsouline
Weight 230/228
Overhead Press 155x5/ 185x2
Conventional Deadlift 475(max)/475x6(grip gave for some reason. Had two or so reps left)
Deadlift made absolutely astounding progress in a short period of time. Has been stuck at 455 for a long time. Sumo was 525 but injured hamstring. Key note is that I pulled from a 3in block the whole time, except for today. My weakness is off the floor but these block pulls helped tremendously. Also on Wednesdays I pulled at the knee from the rack, this gave my back a little break. I believe its a combination of better recovery due to a decreased ROM, more practice, and more back emphasis. Overhead press was mediocre. I will run a longer stint after December.


If like Pavel’s stuff this is better…

Perfect world get a copy of ‘Beyond Bodybuilding’ loads of great programs


I will check that out. Thank you


DLand squat 5x a week killed me


A) read the article -the poundage you choose is waaay below your max

B) er, dont do it then. many ways to skin a cat etc


Have you successfully done the program and what were the weights you used?


Sorry for the late reply. I have only ran a short stint (2 weeks) so I can not say I have really given it too good of a run. 4-6 weeks and I’d be able to give you more accurate results. What I can tell you is that my back definitely grew and my numbers went up considerably. For sure enjoyed the program! I will run again when I get back from vacation


I have been examining it and I will for sure add it in in my training cycle. I plan on going from high volume to lower as the cycle goes on, will for sure have a place. Thanks for showing me it!