2 Week Holiday

I’ve been training hard and eating clean for 4 months now and have gained 20 pounds of what seems to be mainly muscle. I go to the gym 3/4 times a week and lift my ass of, but I’m due for a 2 week holiday travelling around China, so I’m not going to have access to a gym for a while.

For those of you who are more experienced than I am, how do you deal with being away from the gym for a prolonged period? What would you suggest? Am I likely to lose much if any of my gains?

I’m going to try and do some press ups, pull ups and bw squats, but that will probably be it as travelling is exhausting in its own right. I will be eating a lot of fish and drinking plenty beer.

Thanks in advance

Of course you’ll lose gains. And depending on your genetics you may actually gain some fat.

All of which will be easily reversed when you come back.

Don’t worry about it. Finding ways to enjoy your vacation is a more worthwhile endeavour

Overtrain before you go, keep eating well, enjoy your trip and try to relax.

Thanks, I think I’m just worrying because I’ve been training really hard and taking a break will be a hit on my routine. This is my first commitment test, hopefully I will come back with minimal loses raring to go. I doubt i’ll gain fat, I’ve been at 132 for 5 years before starting training, I just need to try and maintain weight.

I was in New Zealand for 18 days, and couldn’t wait to get back to my regular gym, I did a couple of single sessions in a random rural gym but it wasnt the same as the one I use at home.

Do what you can, enjoy the time off, and don’t sweat any apparent strength or muscle loss. I took off three weeks this summer and very little strength loss. I’m no outstanding physical specimen either.

Muscle memory is goooooddddd!