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2 Week GVT


Okay, I just read an interesting thread on a two week GVT program where the author said that one could gain 5-7 lbs in 2 weeks by simply doing the following: 1) GVT, 2) MAG-10, 3) 250 g protein/day. Of course, if you?re a newbie that really catches your eye.

But I have a question or two: should I even get my hopes up? How much of that was due to the MAG-10 (which I know isn?t available anymore)? What?s a more realistic goal for a guy that?s 45 and will just be on terribulus/eurycoma?



Impossible to know what your results will be... try it and see.

If you're a newbie, why stop at 2 weeks if you are getting results? I'd forget about time limits and expected gains and go for it. Your body will tell you when to stop. When your body does tell you to stop, do something else. After a few programs you'll know what works best for you.



I just asked cuzz I'm a total numbers guy. I kind of wanted to know what was realistic and what to expect and then I was going to go for it and compare.

And I was planning on doing it more than 2 weeks! I'm somewhat sick and love going to the gym. I have to force myself to take breaks...