2 Week Example of My Routine

age: 16
height: 5’10"
weight: 151 (5 pound increase in a little over a month)
i honestly dont even know what im going for with this man, i just eat a lot and lift the recommended amount on T-Nation’s total body training article

heres a 2 week example of what my routine has been
what do you guys think i can do to improve it?
week 1

day 1
pull ups
incline hammer curls
back squats
db bench press
skull crushers
military db press

day 2
back squats
power cleans
incline bb press
tricep pushdowns
incline curls

day 3
pull ups
preacher curls
bb bench press
close gripped bench press
db military press
back squats

week 2

day 1
bb bench press and pull ups
db shoulder press
incline hammer curls and rope pushdowns
back squats and leg curls

day 2
skull crushers and bb curls
pull ups and db bench press
military bb press
back squats and leg curls

day 3
back squats and leg curls
preacher curls and db tricep extensions
power cleans
incline bb press and db rows

this guy says not to deadlift and squat in the same day, but i cant remember why

front squats or close stance leg presses on day two (wednesday?) IMO. Don’t clean and deadlift on the same days.

[quote]droozie wrote:
i honestly dont even know what im going for with this man[/quote]
That’s a kinda big problem.

Simplify it, very, very, very much. What kind of sets/reps are you using? How long have you been doing this? Without knowing that info, my tweaks to your plan would be…

Weeks 1-4:
Day 1
Back squat 3x6-8
Pull-up 3x8-10
Military (standing) dumbbell press 3x8-10

Day 2
Power clean 3x6-8
Lunge 2x10-12
Flat barbell bench press 3x8-10
1-arm dumbbell row 3x8-10

Day 3
Deadlift 3x6-8
Squat 2x10-12
Close-grip bench press 3x8-10
“Random biceps exercise” 2x8-12

Weeks 5+:
Slightly increase sets and/or decrease reps (while increasing weight), and continue as laid out.

Which guy? Even though I tweaked your suggested program, it would probably be better for you all around if you drop the idea of making your own program and head straight to Starting Strength. It’s super simple to follow, and produces consistent gains in size and strength.