2 week diet

I just got a kink in my bulking cycle, I have been slowly upping my cals, at around 3200 now, but I just did my BF % with my new omron handheld and I am at 13%, (thought I was about 8-9) now Im feeling like a friggin cow. I was wondering what you guys all thought of this: rest of this week 2000 cals (t-dawg style) w/thanksgiving being my cheat day. On fri, up the cals to 2300 (t-dawg style) for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks at 3400, then 2 weeks t-dawg @2300 cals, 2 weeks 3700 cals etc…I was thinking of doing nothing but t-dawg, except have PWO during the on weeks be excessivly carbish (175g’s), and the next meal higher in low GI carbs, about 75g’s. I am 180@13%, I figure that after the first 2-week cutting cycle, Ill be 175@ 10%.
I was also think of putting carbs in the breakfast portion of the bulking cycle, yea or nay? During the bulking weeks should I work out in the morning when carbs are easier to handle?

I've thought about doing the same thing myself. Which reminds me of some advice a bodyuilder gave m and my friend before i could care - which was to tenate 2 high carb days, 1 low carb day, 2 high carb days, one low carb day. If I remember it rked real well to help u stay lean while bulking up b depleting ur glycogen stores every 2 days, which should stave off fat gains.  neer saw the guy again though, and since he looked theprt,i was wondering if anybody would have insights into it? Thanx! (sorry fo stealing ur post)

Hey, no prob, on stealing the post as long as itll get the job done hahah…should i do what diesel suggested? and do it day by day? Anyone ever tried anything like this?

 Damn, half my letters are missing and i cant understand what i typed in myself. Thats what you get wen u have a slow browser.