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2-week cycles of original T2

Had this on the Steroid board, but it looks like the wrong place. Would it be effective/efficient to use the original T-2 for a very short cycle of only 2 weeks? My plan would be

weeks 1 and 2) diet without thyroid aid
weeks 3 and 4) diet using T-2
week 5) maintaneance calories and slightly higher carbs.
REPEAT weeks 1-5

I won’t be “assisted” during the diet. If this cycle would be effective, should I use T-2 Pro at any time to keep my natural thyroid production from lowering?


Brian, that actually looks like a pretty good plan. Use the T2-Pro when you’re not using T2. It provides the substrates and support for thyroid production. And since you’re using T2 and T2-Pro in shorter cycles, I would think there would be less down-regulation of endogenous thyroid hormone.

To optimize the amount of T2, I’d take your temp first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed. If it’s running in the 98s you really don’t need T2. If it’s in the low 97s or 96s, you’d benefit greatly. Start with one capsule in the morning. Next day if you’re not in the low 98s, I’d take two, 12 hours apart. You can go up to 3 per day.

The bottom line, though, with or without T2, diet is going to be key.