2 week cycle

Gear Available
TestProp,Test Cyp,Deca,Equio,Stanozolol,Clomid.
Please put together a two weeker which will follow with a real cycle in April (please help with that also)

We can do better than that Good, send it to P-DOG and he will even take it for you!

The only things out of that list that would be of any use to you for a two week cycle would be the test propinate and the winstrol.
do 100mg of test prop a day and 75 mg of winstrol a day for two weeks. 50mg of clomid per day to prevent gyno, 100mg of clomid post cycle for 1 week then 50 mg of clomid for the following week

Thanks P22, I could use all the help I can get…

Two weeks I guess is better than “nada”, however if your goal is to add muscle mass you’ll end up wasting your gear and be truly disappointed. Personally, I’ve tried doing short, heavy mg, two, three and even four week cycles, but it does not compare to say, an eight week cycle. With the gear you presently have you could design a pretty good eight week cycle. Equipoise, test cyp, could be used in the beginning of your cycle and perhaps in week 5-6 you could add the propionate and winstrol and drop the test cypionate. Use clomid eod at 50mgs per day. As far as mgs I can’t answer that question for you didn’t state your stats and/or whether or not this will be your first cycle. Mgs would have to be adjusted according to your anabolic level. Hope this helps.

I needed to get my levels up they were really low (240). I was losing all drive and feeling like $hit.I plan on resting about 3-4 weeks and then getting on with a similar cycle mentioed above.PS I’m an older body builder so I need a different approach.