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2 Week Cycle Training

Hi There

i am looking for some direction on a training programm for the 2 weeks on 4 off theory of cycling , ie how many days to train and am i best off doing something like the 5x5 or sticking with german volume

cycle test P tren A dbol following Bill Roberts set out of dosages

I have done 1 12 week cycle before of test E and hated the way i felt for the 6 weeks after hence switch to the 2 on 4 off

stats 6.1 210 12 bf 36 5 training

any help would be appreciated cheers

I am a relative noob, so all I can say is what has worked for me.

I started out training in a way that would hit each body part once a week in a 3-day split. After a while this didn’t feel like enough so I started training 4-5 times a week in a 4-day split. I continued training this way when I got on my first cycle. It worked great. The only thing I changed really was my training session length. I bumped it up from 45-60min to 60-90min because I felt so good and less fatigued.

Right now I am running a 5 day split since I am training so frequently. That way I can really hit each muscle group HARD. With two days off per week I am back to hitting each muscle group once per week but since the intensity has increased it seems to be working great. Every month or so I will probably take a few more days off just to make sure I am recovering well. I just did this recently and when I got back I was noticeably stronger than before and hit some personal bests even though I am in PCT so I can assume it’s working so far.

I think the best advice anyone can give you is to experiment and see what works best for you. One of the great things about the short cycles is you can run so many each year, which gives you the opportunity to really experiment and fine-tune your training and nutrition methods. Since I expect you will probably be running relatively high dosages for the two week cycle, you might want to increase the intensity a little and see how it goes. Some might disagree, though, and I am interested to see what the board gurus have to say about this.

It doesn’t really require specialized training methods, but I would avoid training plans that are exceptionally high volume in the first off week, or for that matter unusually low weights in the first off week. Generally speaking, if volume is going to vary week-by-week, it would be best for the “on” weeks to be the higher volume weeks.

Thanks heaps for replying Bill i have been researching your work for months , its a real honour to have you reply to my thread , so i started the 2 week cycle 2 days ago along with advanced german volume shall stick to it and follow your advice for lower volume on the off weeks

many thanks