2 week cycle info......Anyone?

I will be doing a 2on/4off cycle: tren 75mg/day, winstrol depot 50mg/day, and d-bol 40mg/day. Can I do 2 or 3 consecutive 2on/2off cycles with the same mix of roid, without worries of suppression, before I start the 2on/4off?

Yes, but you should use clomid because there will probably be some suppresion, not to mention the dbol can aromatize. I’ve done these in the past with good results with fat/LBM ratio, but not great gains in overall size. It would be best used (for me) if I’ve have already met some of my goals and want to maintain for a period of time before next longer cycle.

I agree, it was hard to make any significant gains but was able to gain a few pounds maybe. If you’re going to do 2on/4off back to back to back, I would just do a 4week cycle instead then take at least 4-6 weeks before I did another 2 weeker or another cycle. But that’s just me.