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2 Week Break From Gym, Is It Important?


I have been lifting for 4 years. but since 16 months i have never took a week break!!

lately i feel exhausted, can’t gain muscles anymore even worse, my muscles shrink!! I don’t know why, maybe my CNS fried lol.

is taking 2 weeks off good? but am afraid to lose muscle mass and strength when i get back, also am planning to do total body warm up every other day for those 2 weeks to help me improve flexibility and stay active without putting more stress on my body.


Do you deload at all? A general overview of your program might help.


Deload (lift lighter) for a week, then take 4-7 days off, you may feel deflated muscle wise, but will not have lost strength, or simply lift lighter for 2 weeks, mentally it’ll be tough to come back after 2 full weeks away.


Growth only occurs while resting. A week off at least every 6 or 7 weeks recharges. Don’t overdo eating/drinking/partying during that week. You’ll get stronger, probably a whole lot stronger.

When lifting becomes boring, that signals a rest week for me. .


I will try to take 7 days break, then 7 days light weights and flexibility, then the next week will try to lift heavy


I never did deload. Ego is what holds me from that, and i know its really bad. But i guess i learned No one really cares about how much weight you lift. I will lift lighter after taking 1 week off


used to do split program 6 days per 8. now will change to 4 days per week.


If this happens, seek immediate medical attention, as you may have some sort of muscle wasting disease.