2 Week Blitzkrieg

Hey T-bros, I’m looking through other posts also so don’t kick me in the nuts too hard, but trying to maximize my time here.

I’ve got a photo shoot coming up for work in a bit over two weeks and I’d like to shave off as much fat as I can. I may or may not try 6 days shredded again, as I wasn’t thrilled with the results previously.

However, any tips would be great. I’m wondering if I have enough time for lactate training to really get into gear, otherwise thinking combos of HIIT/complexes. Obviously eating extremely clean with simple carbs only peri-workout, and taking HOT-ROX as well. Anything else I could try to boost it a bit?? Thanks guys

How lean are you right now?

After accruing some fat around the midsection, I have got my abs back after 4 weeks - but that was after a well-structured diet and training plan. However, if someone had put a gun to my had and said “do it in 2 weeks” then I would do something like:

  1. Diet: low calorie and carbs for 13 days (use 14th to carb up for photoshoot purposes). Calories would be set at 2000 max (but as low as 1500 where you can). Carbs from all sources would be set at 50g max (this includes para-workout). The remainder is protein and fat. Replace 2 meals with BCAAs or whey. Drink a gallon of chilled water per day.

  2. Training: scrap strength sessions (you won’t waste away in 14 days - and your body may positively respond to the high rep circuit stimulus anyway). Use lactate circuits every other day followed by 25-40mins steady state cardio. On off days walk for around an hour. If you are able, increase EWS further by walking twice per day, etc.

Forgot the stats, sorry, 6’, 205, round 10%

Diet sounds like what I had in mind, though probably not cutting all the carbs so much until a week or so before, as crazy low carbs tends to fuck me up as far as school goes. I get plenty of extra exertion by biking back and forth between school/work/home, probably at least 10 miles a day, but may throw in some more walking also.

Thanks for the input!

his stats put him 6ft 225lbs and 10lbs BF.

pics would be nice.

are you a firefighter in the airforce?

Was a FF in the Air Force, got out in December, they won’t let me change my name.

I was being pretty optimistic the last time I updated those stats, lost some fat over the spring/summer, so the 10% is a bit more realistic now than it was. I’ll work on some pics, only recent ones I have were from another shoot that don’t do much for BF.