2 Week Asia Business Trip - Double Dose?

Hello again.

I’m sure this issue has been beat to death in the past. However I did do a search and don’t see anything current where the question has been clearly answered. So here we go.

I started TRT around 6 weeks ago. I vacation frequently and travel to Asia 3 times a year for an average of 14 days each trip. The whole family is headed to Colorado for 9 days in 2 weeks. I’m not too worried about that trip. However the end of September I’m off to Singapore/Vietnam for 13 days. My SCTE (Shopping Center Test Expert) says he wants to give me a double dose for the trip, which should be 400MG. I’m not sure if this is correct or not. I also won’t have access to HCG when I’m gone. I’ve thought about seeing if he can prescribe me a gel to take with me so I can try my best to keep the levels steady.

The research I have done says not to blindly trust these “SCTEs” and make sure the treatment protocol is correct. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.

Is Test legal in the countries you’re visiting? Like OTC? Could be an option. But if you are prescribed test dont you just need to show your script for the medicine? I would think there would be a website explaining all of this for international travel.

As far as I know Test is not legal in any of the countries I frequent. The only one I know of where it’s legal is Thailand.

For Vietnam I’m not worried, from my research it should be fine. Singapore is a whole different animal. I bring valium when I fly (only for flight) and my assistant contacts the Singapore government in advance and gets approval for the medication. Singapore punishes drug violations with death, even if you’re just passing through their airport. So unless I can get a very solid “yes you can do this”, I don’t want to risk it.

I still wouldn’t want to bring needles into any asian country. This is where I’m wondering i should ask my SCTE to give me my normal dose and then prescribe me a cream/gel. I"m just not sure how those work. Do I have to do them daily etc. I go to Vietnam first so in a perfect world I would “gel up” before I fly to Singapore and then throw the script away.

Well dont fuck with Singapore, christ. So is it Vietnam for 7 and then Singapore for 7? If so I would try to bring an injection with me if thats possible and dose before the Singapore flight and then as soon as you return. Gels must be applied daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

I mean what do they do with diabetics and insulin shots?

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I leave the evening of Sept 25th and arrive in Vietnam afternoon of 27th. Then I’m off to Singapore October 3-7th. If I get a shot on the morning of September 25th then I will be 12 days without test assuming I don’t bring anything with me. I’m not worried about muscle loss or anything, I just don’t want some emotional crash (if that is a thing) while I’m over there.

It looks like there are TRT clinics in Singapore, so I just contacted one to see if they can get me a solid answer. I also inquired to see if I can bring an American prescription and have them give me an injection while I’m there (highly unlikely).

I’m not completely opposed to taking a double dose, but from what I’ve read thus far it’s not a great idea.

I mean the protocol is all about keeping things stable. So if you double your dose your T will skyrocket and then gradually come down. No guarantee that you wont get a little irritable the last few days but no guarantee that you will either. Twelve days isnt too bad if you are taking a 14 day dose I suppose.Best bet would to try to get that shot in Singapore to keep you a bit more stable I would think.

Test is fine in Singapore as long as you have your script. I travel there twice year for work. Same for all of SE Asia.If it makes you more comfortable go to thr Singapore health ministry website and send them an email. They will respond by saying you are fine to bring it with you. Here is the response I got from them when I asked. This is the email I received copied and pasted.
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding importation of therapeutic products into Singapore for personal use.

The therapeutic product(s) mentioned in your email are not classified as controlled substance(s) in Singapore. You may import the stated therapeutic products in quantities not exceeding 3 months’ supply without prior approval from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore.

We would like to inform you that the therapeutic product(s) are not to be sold or supplied in Singapore. It is an offence to sell or supply therapeutic products that are subjected to control in Singapore without the required approvals.

You may wish to visit the Health Sciences Authority’s website for more information on importing therapeutic products into Singapore for personal use: http://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/hsa/en/Health_Products_Regulation/Consumer_Information/Personal_Import_Regulations/bringing_personal_medication_into_Singapore.html

Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Wish you a pleasant journey and enjoyable stay in Singapore.

Thank you.


Yean Kian Meng

Health Products Regulation Group

Health Sciences Authority



Awesome information!

I appreciate the response. My assistant already files with the Ministry for my valium. I’ve just been unable to find any solid information on whether or not it was legal. Your information clears everything up for me.

With that said, right now my place doesn’t allow people to do home injections…obviously because they make more from insurance by making you come in. I’m not sure if I can get a single cc ampule prescribed for my trip, or would they have to give me a whole bottle. Also, what’s the procedure for bringing it? Syringe in the checked luggage and test in carry on?

Thanks again!

Last time I traveled I checked both but i don’t think you would have an issue if you put them in your carry on either.

Both are fine in the US and I would think the same applies else where.

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Well I just got an interesting message from a TRT clinic in Singapore. He said if I have a USA prescription it should be no problem for me to come in, go over a few medical questions, and get treated. This might be the ultimate route. Keep levels stable and get HCG.

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I recently made a 2 country business trip to China then to Vietnam. I placed my test and Syringes, with the prescription label, in a large RX bottle together with wipes and had a note also from my doc listing all meds that he prescribed for me. Kept it all in my carry on. No issues at all clearing customs in either country. The hotel I stayed at had sharps disposal.

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Had the same fear when traveling to The Philippines and Vietnam earlier this year. No problems what so ever. The US has the tightest security by far. I bought a little insulin travel case and put everything inside it and inside my carry on. Not a single look from anyone.

I did make sure that I brought my T in the original box with the prescription label on it and I also had my Dr. write me a letter explaining the prescriptions with all of his contact info on it in case they questioned me. I didn’t bring more syringes than needed and I didn’t preload them.

You can just skip the HCG or maybe just up the dosage before you leave. It’s not a big deal to skip a week or two you won’t notice any difference.

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A lot of great information here. I have to say this might be the most productive forum I’ve ever joined. Thanks again!

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