Well, the insanity’s over! My show was last night, and I took 2ND place in the teenage division and the novice lightweight-under 154 classes. I went in at 150 pounds, 3% bodyfat, and I’m 19. It was a natural show (if you’ve read my other posts you know my situtation!), so I was very content with my shape/conditioning. It’s mass time now, though. Next summer, I want to hit the NPC, no more local contests, no more teen divisions–I WANT TO GET ON STAGE FOR THE NPC!! Now, I’m not gonna start a cycle right now. I want to wait about 3-4 months, see how the first semester back at school goes, see if I can put on a few pounds of muscle, then possibly hit the juice after X-mas. Just a few quick q’s, and don’t just give me some “go do more research” posts, PLEASE! I really would appreciate some advice.

  1. Are there any pro-hormones that are worth there money, like Stenadiol, that would be good to use before hitting the hard stuff?
  2. Who thinks this Methoxyisoflavone is as good as it’s hype?
  3. What do you guys think would be better for a first timer to stack with test (probably sust, maybe aratest)–eq or deca?

I should have the pictures from my show scanned in a week or so for y’all to see, and then I’ll probably ask for some insight into my physique, too. THANKS TO ALL Y’ALL WHO ADVISED ME FOR THE LAST 5-6 WEEKS OR SO, SINCERELY!! THIS BOARD IS GREAT, KEEP IT UP!

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