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2 to 3 Week Cycle of M1T


Soooo I'm starting a cycle of m1t, ive loaded in this past week with axis-ht at 8 pills a day recommended 4, but we all know thats shit after conversion and absorbtion. I will be coming off of the short cycle with a 2 week section of either axis-ht or Test Freak to get my normal reproduction.. anyways. starting this coming Sunday I am introducing 20g's of M1t's and ill keep you guys posted at the end of each week. with my results of course.

current stats
-height 5'8
-weight 155
squat-???unknown So ill take anything over 200 as an increase xD
leg press-700
hammer curl-40 for 3
shoulder press-40 an arm for 6
shoulder fly-25 for 6

Trying to Get My Chest Sculpted

I really hope this is a joke. test freak is not a substitution for proper PCT. how old are you?


test freak will keep me fine for the first 9 days out of it, and im going to fuel to see what i can get my hands on for after it


besides the stopping of production is only satellite and will only reduce and if severe stop for a short amount of time. Test Freak is designed to boost natural levels and production- this is exactly what you need at the end along with some more axis for its tribulus


what the fuck are you talking about?

M1T, if you have real stuff, is a steroid. According to other posts on this site, it will shut you down after 5 days or so. Whatever bullshit "Test Freak" you bought at GNC is not going to start your natural test production back up. You need a real PCT.

and lol @ telling us your hammer curl max


Thank god you set us straight. We may have suggested a proper PCT if you hadn't...

This is a terrible idea, I hope you know this... you should not do this cycle.


Is your profile right? 15 years old?

You don't even squat (IMO the most important lift)

You don't even deadlift twice your bodyweight

So you are not very strong pound for pound even..

You are only 15 fucking years old, do you even know what an HPTA is?
Your natural test hasn't even reached its highest yet you are ready to fuck with your HPTA?

Going on will affect your body's production and utilization of testosterone from here on...
Do you really want to be on TRT for the rest of your life?

Not to mention you are planning a 2-3 week oral only cycle...

If this plan gets any dumber then I suggest you enter "special" classes... if you are already in special classes, stay there.

All you need to do is eat, sleep, train, and eat some more. If you do this now you will only be short changing yourself, and in the long run will almost definitely not reach the same level of physical developement you otherwise could have.

Do some fucking research before you get hurt kid... nobody on this board wants to see some 15 year old kid fuck up.


Since you know so much, why are you asking us?


IMHO, I wouldnt post up you lifts like that lol. Not because you dont lift what alot of us might lift, but because all that showed was that you arnt even close to ready for gear of any kind. You should not be playing with shit you dont know about, and 'assuming' that some bullshit product you have is good enough to reboot your nuts. Do you believe every marketing scammer lable you read? "gain 30lbs of mass in 6 weeks"......"boost your test by 200% and GH by 330%" yeah ok.

The FDA doesnt need to approve shit to be put on the market, they need to prove its harmful so until then-they are on the shelves for sale. So with that said the big majority of sup's in todays world is bullshit and just out there to make someone rich off kids like you.

You might not listen and thats your choice not ours, but enjoy depression and smashed sex drive when you come off. Not to mention the nice set of 32C's you'll get which will make masturbation much more enjoyable.


stay on the axxis then and save the pharmaceutical grade m1t's for some Ltr years i guess xD
IF axis even does anything for me.. =/


I would wait a bit before using.


okay, soo i put test in my cuppord however the fuck ur supposed to spell that. and my other hormone affecting supps.
i did some reading on wiki and scared the shit out of myself..... soooo im going to keep them in the cuppord till im atleast 18 xD i dunno if ill b able to wait much longer then that


AAS should not be used by impatient people period. It should be used by people who need help to reach the next level.

The axis won't do anything, neither will the OTC test freak.

Glad you are waiting though. Maybe in a few years you will realize not to use till you are early 20s at the soonest, then wait a few more years after that.

You are 15, get some protein, creatine, BCAA, fish oil. Maybe some Superfood. Thats all you need.


im using Superfood, taking in 140-200g's protien daily. i dont count carbs so iuno. i take a animal vitamin pack daily and superpump250. I just can not gain weight. i train like a trane.... i am gaining no mofaucking muscle mass. been lifting since grade 7 now half way through grade 10


if i continually see little to no results in a couple months, maybe a year. whats a pct i could acquire over the counter at a fuel or popeyes or reflex?


What do you eat in a typical day?


Do you know what PCT means?


odd i made a reply but it seems, its not here.
post cycle trainin brah =]
myofusion 36g shake when i wake, 40 mins ltr a coffe then i hit the jon xD. Have some honey oats/sometimes oatmeal and take my multi vit, make a 36g/72g shake to tide me till lunch then i have half a 36g shake at lunch and add in another scoop and have myself around 50g's until the end of school. with my lunch i have a banana or 2 and a bowl noodle. after school i make a new 72g shake and hit the gym drinking and lifting i save around half of it for after.
dinner is always either chicken/tuna/turkey/steak mmmm steak. either mashed potatos or rice with it every day. some days brown fried beans after school. not much greens in my diet x/


what, would happen if i used a 2 week of m1t without nolva during or after but some ph to help level me out after. bestow me with the honest to god knolege dont fuckin tell me ill grow a set of double d's cuz ill spit at any comment i even see you make. i want flat truth dont try and scare me out of it give me the knowledge to make the choice. dont post telling me to go do research- ive done alot and dont know about the quality of my awnsers. soo i want to see what the pros here have to say. if u havent used a steroid dont post on this -


You are so dumb it hurts. If I was half as dumb as you are at 15 I'm going to call my parents tomorrow and apologize.

You want to run a steroid, then another steroid for PCT? Do you even understand what PCT is for?

Let me ask you first, where did you come across this "M1T"? I'm doubting you have the intelligence to acquire real steroids, so I'm suspicious its some bullshit supplement you bought at a store.