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2 Teens Beat a WWII Veteran to Death



Spokane police are looking for two male suspects in the attack. They said the suspects are African Americans between 16 and 19 years old. One suspect was described as heavy set and wearing all black clothing. The other was described as being about 6 feet tall and 150 pounds. There was no description of what clothing the second suspect was wearing other than a silk do-rag.


What the fuck is wrong with people. I hope they catch the individuals responsible.



Oh... Wait.


Ban fists!



No more fists allowed in public without a back ground check and a carry permit.


I'm still waiting for someone to come in and say, its gun control.


Won't hear about this on tv though.....


Look, would a gun have saved this man's life?

Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the circumstances, and you have to factor in the dude is almost 90 damn years old. How spry the guy was will come into play. After WWII he might not have even wanted to have a gun, let alone on him at the rink.

Plus, not to disrespect a murdered vet, but he might have been a total dick head, and these kids have temper issues...

Who knows what happened, we don't even have suspects yet. Outside of commenting on the fact that gun control is stupid because senseless violence still happens, the story is just a sad happening where someone who fought for our freedom died earlier than he was supposed to.


Not the first time WW2 Vets have been beaten, stabbed or killed by thugs here,
And I am almost certain Japanese youth wouldn't dare do these
kinds of things to THEIR WW2 Vets and they lost the fuckin' war....And WE say we're the ''Greatest'' Country?


Mr Walkway, you are becoming a real shitbag with all of this racebaiting.


So if your grandpa was a total dick and just had a random spell of hostility, he deserves to get his ass beat to death?


Not at all what he said.

The fact remains that a provoked attack is a league different from an unprovoked one.

But someone dying does sort of invalidate most justifications.


See I saw this post on the new post posts list on the homepage... and I clicked in here HOPING it wouldn't be two black kids.... fuck.

I just give up, seriously.


take it however you want, I just feel compelled to post what would otherwise get swept under the rug.

this man died to protect your and my generation from fascism.. I think his last moments deserve a little respect and recognition.. so we can have a moment of silence to acknowledge him.


Second this. Tired of it. I'm fucking sorry this guy died in such a travesty, and I hope they fry the fuckers who did it. But I'm seriously fucking tired of this not-subtle-at-all race baiting going on.


Yes, let's not report the news that strangely shows young males acting inappropriately, or better yet, like animals, preying on the unaware, weak, or defenseless.

Let's post something positive about them. Here's one... similar case to the above, happened about 4 years ago.. kids got off with juvi for killing a man, sooo amazing. Apparently a life isn't worth too much.



Amen. Does anyone wonder if this plus his heavily generalized opinions of women are somehow a reflection of some kind of deep seated fear or insecurity?

Aragorn, I am a BIG fan of yours :slightly_smiling:


What I find really funny is that, Walkway, you love to bash, "liberals," but this is liberal play # 1. Take a tragedy and twist it to your agenda, which of course we all know is to:
A.) Be racist
B.) Bait the black posters here into yet another race thread.


How is this racebaiting if it's a commonly reoccuring event?


If I don't hear about it on MSNBC then I assume it never happened. The OP does the same thing only switch Stormfront for MSNBC.