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2 sessions a day

I have read a number of different schools of thought on how long of a rest period should be taken between daily sessions. Theories I have read range from 2-3 hrs. between sessions, to no less than 6 hrs. between. Any suggestions for someone(32 yrs old, 215lbs., 15% bf) using test. cypionate with an extremely flexible schedule. Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone? A little help here.

4-6 hours, training different variables(e.g. reps+TUT in morning, heavy later)

My thoughts: I’m 33, drug free, and cough work at home. I follow a Westside Barbell routine, 4 days a week. I lift in the early afternoon for my main workout, and again in the evening for about 30 mins. Evening workout is usually a good 5-6 hours after. With the volume I do presently, I used to quickly burnout on, overtrain, etc. When I was doing my main session in the late afternoon and my second in the evening (~3 hours after) I still felt a bit overworked. With my two-a-days at 5-6 hours apart I am making WAY more progress than I used to. Like I’m so fond of saying though, everyone is different, and you gotta try out some for yourself. Maybe 2 hours is enough for you…then again, maybe you will find you need at least 5 or 6 hours between. Any way you look at it though, once you find the right time period for YOU, you’ll almost certainly see an improvement vs a one a day style.

MK is right. i was doing double sessions in the winter with a 5 hour break, started heavy in the morning and went high reps for tempo in the afternoon. it worked great for me but you have to make sure you eat as much as possible during your break if you plan on having anything for #2

Wait 4 to 6 hours between workouts. If you use a shorter interval, you’ll be too fatigued. If you use a longer one ,you’ll lose the nervous system effect of the morning workout. Just read this out of an old CP article. Agree with lower reps in morning and higher at night. Could also do same rep bracket for both sessions and change tempos. Example: 4-6 reps at 30X in first session and 4-6 reps at 505 for second session.