2 Separate Questions: Blitz Program, Built for Battle

Hi Coach!

I have 2 questions, and I’d like to preface this with I’m not planning to run the Blitz Diet with Build for Battle, the 2 questions are independent from one another.

Question 1:
I recently purchased the Blitz Program, seems like a brutal creation. My only confusion is, while the fat loss diets say no training on Friday and Sunday, the workout part itself leaves Thursday and Sunday empty. Am I better to move training days to accommodate the diet, or change low carb-high carb etc. days to accommodate the training layout?

Question 2:
I have ran the Built for Battle plan in the past, and surprisingly despite the lift frequency my joints weren’t begging me to stop. Currently the 5 days lifting doesn’t fit into my schedule, especially since I restarted Muay Thai, but I really like the conditioning aspect of ‘Strength Circuits’, and the general 54321 layout, it works great for strength without creating too much fatigue. If I wanted to do something similar split across 2-3 workouts a week, preferably 3 if time allows, how could I tweak the program/what days would I keep and leave out? I beleive it’d be a great addition to off season training for combat, even for a 3-6 week burst at early stages of prep.

Thank you for your time Coach!

I can only answer the first question:

According to thibarmy support, the blitz program should adjust its workout days to fit the diat, so you should make the main workouts in a block from mon - thu…

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Thank you, appreciate your help man!

Just giving this a bump (not sure if that’s allowed)
I’m curious of your opinion especially on Question 2 because I know you have worked with a lot of athletes, and while Muay Thai is definitely not all strength and speed, but also a ton of endurance, maybe you’ll see holes in my thinking I didn’t even know were there.

Thank for your time, Coach.