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2 Quick Protein Tips

In order to celebrate the release of The Anabolic Index, I give you: 2 QUICK Protein Tips!

1) Chug Your Whey!

Much of the benefit of whey comes from its ability to quickly get into our bloodstream. By sipping, this effect turns into something like that of casein or a steak. Get that whey into you FAST.

2) Beware The Protein Crash!

We’re all aware of blood sugar crashes and the negative consequences they can have on our body (some of us are TOO aware of this effect, unfortunately). But a similar protein-related effect can occur if we’re not careful with fast whey.

To avoid this, get more protein into you within an hour of consuming fast whey.

For how to get more info like this, be sure to check out my new Locker Room thread!

What? No Pop-Tart tips?

Good to have you back DB.

Is the protein in Metabolic Drive Complete considered a “fast” whey?

[quote]sniper1 wrote:
Is the protein in Metabolic Drive Complete considered a “fast” whey?[/quote]

no because of the casein

There’s a good explanation of fast proteins in my Top 10 Post-Workout Myths article.