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Im doing a 2x a week full body program. For upper im going to do (i did this last week im going to keep it up) bench and row, and on the 2nd day im going to do military press and pull up.

One of my questions is do i need to do any extra rotator cuff/shoulder work so i dont get injured?

My next question has to do with foam rolling.

When i use my foam roller, i roll it up and down my leg, and when i feel a "pinch" (i guess thats what u call it. when it hurts in particularly in that area) I stay at the spot for about 15 seconds.

My question is sometimes, when i roll overe "pinch" i feel a lump. WHat is this lump in my leg? is it a knot?

Thanks alot



The rotator cuff exercises are up to you. What does your lower body day look like?

What's a foam roller?


i was wondering the same thing...and whats the purpose for it?

i couldve sworn i saw a few 'foam rollers' today. they looked like those foam things you play with in the pool and smack people around with.


That's a pool noodle. You can cut pool noodles in half, and whittle down the ends, one a little pointed, and the other into a handle, and voila....... swords for the kids.

I don't know what a foam roller is either...........

\|/ 3Toes.


FOam rollers are used for myofascial release


This is a foam roller.


Anyone with any help?