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2 Questions - Nutrition & Lacrosse

My first question is in regards to research. I would like to look over nutrition and fitness articles myself and the only article database that I know of is lacking. Does anyone know of where I can find such a database?

My second question is on behalf of my cousin; He is really starting to get into lacrosse and wanted to know what is a good pre-game meal to have.

johnberardi.com has a wholllleeee section on nutrition as well as some pretty awesome free recipes for meals that will kick your body’s ass into nutrient heaven. As for your friend tell him to focus on carbs with a bit of protein.

Carbs are obviously for energy while the protein will start absorbing into the body while he’s playing so that by the time he eats after his muscles havn’t been screaming for protein to rebuild for two or three or however many hours.

Also water before the game is crucial. Not right before drink a gallon. Drink a few glasses in the hours going up to the game and a glass around the start. Drinking water during the game, although sometimes necessary is not something you want to be doing like a hot dog in the summer every time lines shift.

If you’re doing that you’re already well on your way or are dehydrated and you’ve lost. Sounds like a lot of over emphasis on water, but trust me it can make a big difference.

Thanks for the response Skrussian. What kind of protein should my cousin be getting? Should it be whey or does it really matter? For carbs I’m assuming a simple carb source like Gatorade would be okay. Is that correct?

Whatever you do avoid the soy. Really, just buy the Biotest Metabolic Drive, pretty much every flavor is wonderful (I tend to dig the Strawberry and the Banana).

Also, I don’t know if I would use Gatorade as a primary carb source before. Maybe some whole wheat pasta and lean ground beef before and maybe some Surge during. I don’t know, I didn’t drink Surge when I competed in sports, but I would think it would be wonderfull.

A good meal before the game would be some brown rice, an apple, and some chicken. Keep it light, but get some complex carbs and protein. Stay away from fast food before a game! Also dairy might give you some problems.