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2 Questions For Y'all

  1. After all this time for companies to come up with some great gray market area supplements, I was wondering if there is anything out there that compares to the former great, MAG-10? I’m just wondering b/c I can no longer go the normal route I have chosen to take until I move again (damn customs!), although I am curious if anyone has tried the Blade series (example: D-Blade).

  2. As winter approaches (entirely too quickly may I add!) it’s time for the winter bulk! I was wondering what peoples thoughts are as to what the best weight gainer is. I would expect it to be Cytogainer.

Normally I would just load up with extra food, however being behind a desk 10-12hrs a day I would like something quick and easy!

Thanks for any input!

Eh after some thought screw my first question, but I am still interested in answers for the second.

Metabolic Drive Complete with a scoop or two of Surge thrown in for added calories and taste in milk. The flavor of this combo is awesome and it’s ideal for bulking.