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2 Questions For V-Diet

Hi guys, its almost summer time and I’m trying to cut and decided to do the velocity diet. I have a couple of questions about it though.
1)Is it okay to do this program by CT for the V-diet?

2)I live in Canada, and MD over here is $64.99 CDN per 2 lb tub. Too expensive if you ask me…
So I thought about getting it from T-Nation. I calculated it and I’ll need a bit more that 9 tubs which comes to a total of $233.91 + $67 shipping + approx 1 month till I get it to my house (customs). So that’s a total of $300 USD.

I have one alternative but I need to know if its any good…its a protein powder called IsoBolic made by a canadian company. It’s about $79.99 per 5lb tub. I only need to get 3 tubs. So a total of $239 CDN.

Here’s the thing: You won’t know if it’s any good until you take it. Metabolic Drive works so well because it’s slow release so you have greater feelings of satiety. On the plus side, it has miscellar casein, so it might work. But you’re taking a big chance.

Ya…I just bought it…let’s hope this works :smiley:

every supp company besides Biotest is not trying to rip you off, you should be fine with the canadien stuff unless you suspect something is wrong with it.

Metabolic Drive is great stuff but you dont need it to lsoe weight. I was fine on the V-diet with ON protein powder.