2 questions.. CLA worth it? and Caffeine out?

I know there was a huge post about cafein, but i missed it… i was to buisy at work to read it, and now it’s GONE cry… anywase… In canada, I can buy caffiene and ephadrine (or exenadrine can’t remember which is the plant…) anywase… each pill is 8 mg of e… and i can buy caffeine too… is Just E by itself good at preserving muscle loss?..

Also is it a good idea to supplement with 6 grams of CLA, or is it a waste of cash… cuz theirs this stuff at the health food store… i can buy

Personally, I think if you change your entire routine every single time that someone comes up with some new fact to scare you away from a product, you will make little progress in the long run. Remember, eggs used to be bad for you. Unless you have diabetes or have a close family member with the disorder, why are you worried about it? I had a great workout tonight. I used a thermogenic before I trained and knocked the living shit out of my biceps. If you want to believe that caffeine is bad for you, don’t use it.