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2 Qs: Appetite and Shoulders


Ive got two questions that have been on my mind lately.

A thread that was on a little while ago got me thinking about this. When everyone on here eats for mass gaining purposes does their intake of calories actually fill them up?

Im asking this because at the moment Im eating 3500 cal on training days and a bit less on Off days, and im doing okay weight wise (bout 0.7kg every 2 weeks on avg).

But im still very hungry and could eat more but dont want to because of the amount of fat that i could gain. Im not scared of too much fat just dont want to put on more than necessary. Any ideas on how to solve the hunger problem would be sweet.

Other thing is shoulders, specifically the problems with protracted scapula and internally rotated humeri. Ive been reading some of the good shoulder articles on the site but Im stumped on the quickest way to fix the problem. My first instinct would be just do more rowing but Im pretty sure that there is better solutions to the protracted scapula, and I have no clue as to the internally rotated humeri.
Any help on this would be be appreciated also.


3500kcal fills me up on most days if I eat a lot of meat and veggies and stuff.. If I eat mostly calorie-dense food it wont stop my hunger.

As for the shoulder problem I'm no expert, but I believe someone will recommend you the broomstick streches sooner or later to fix your humeri. Searching in here or on IM, you will probably find the description and potentialy a video pretty easily.
Rowing (while keeping the scapula retracted properly) and face pulls also have a tendency to be recommended for problems like these. I'll leave it to wiser people to answer better, though :slight_smile:


Eat more. Would you rather limit fat gains or compromise muscle gains? This is a no-brainer (for me, at least).

I have been disregarding calorie recommendations for a while now, and am better for it. Granted, my diet is basically 99% clean - meat, fish, dairy, rice, bread, fruit, veg, oatmeal, etc. I think that, as long as you eat clean, you'll be OK with eating a bit too much.


Good Lord.

If the choice is:
1) Gain muscle and gain some extra body fat
2) Restrict muscle gains in fear of fat gains

I am going to gain the extra body fat.

Fat can be dieted off. It takes YEARS to gain a large amount of muscle mass that won't disappear the moment you start dieting.

In the years I have been on this site, the ones making the most progress are NOT the ones worried this much about if they gain some body fat.

The ones making the slowest gains will always be the ones who tell you that restricting food intake makes more sense.

I would rather become more active so those calories go where I need them than barely eat enough to grow.

I can lose weight on as much as you are eating now.


0.7kg every 2 weeks is 40lbs per year.. if it is all lean gains (which I doubt), it's nice. But then again, as the posters above said, if it's all lean gains you probably could have done better by amping up your calorie intake and not worrying so much about a little padding on your belly.

I'll give 2 quick tips:

  1. If you want advice on "should I eat more?", tell a little about yourself first.. how much do you weight? how hard are you training? etc. etc.
    Not knowing anything about you is the reason I didn't say anything about increasing kcal intake or not in my first response.

  2. Saying "I'm scared of gaining fat" is unhealthy for you.. If you don't listen to what Prof X and all the others here say, you'll regret sooner or later.
    At least I wish someone told me the brutal truth sooner rather than having to stumble upon it later on the net.


I'll go against the grain here.

.7kg every 2 weeks is decent progress IMO. And even if that means slightly less muscle to keep fat gain much lower then so be it.

I'd rather take a little longer putting on weight and save myself the time and effort of dieting back down.

Now, if he were hardly noticing any weight gain, then yeah he should change something. But, if you're progressing at a pretty decent rate AND keeping the fat gain down, why change it?


Who the hell gains exactly .7kg ever? Most people gain weight in a RANGE because weight fluctuates all day long. Even if I write how much I weigh, my real weight can be 3-5lbs higher or lower depending on several factors.

Until people here start posting pictures of their progress, I don't believe half of the numbers I see. The pics we have seen show most here don't see reality the way reality is.


I was merely using the figure he gave. Obviously, progress isn't alway linear, but at this rate if he is progressing consistently week in, week out, then why change what you're doing?

I do agree about your picture part. More people should have pics in their profile (me included, though I have posted threads with my pics).

off to my profile to post pics


I've been slowly gaining weight for about a year now.

I took the slow route and don't have any problems with the way I went. I was able to remain relatively lean. (Yes, I do have the pictures but don't want to post anything until I'm at my predetermined weight to end gaining at)

I've been gaining, then maintaining and gaining again for a while...and that process has worked for me. It has allowed me to stay a bit leaner then just a straight 'bulk'.

The main thing I'm saying is; if your going to gain some weight...or change your diet...keep it consistent for a while, don't fluctuate your goals every time you gain 1.1kg. Too many people I know of and see on this site bounce back and forth between cutting and bulking. And the majority of the time these people end up about where they started.

Problems with shoulders: See Eric Cressey and all his infinite knowledge.


I'm eating like a motherf*cker and my weight and numbers are through the roof. I kissed my abs goodbye this past Spring and said hello to increased energy, weights, and tighter sleeves.

Of course, the corollary is that I'm working out with more volume, higher intensity, and more consistently than before-- so that food is mostly going where it should.

I've already proven to myself I can shed 70 lbs in a matter of months. Putting on the quality mass is much harder, especially for an old fart like myself.

Eat, bro. Eat.


Reading this thread made me hungry again. Time for breakfast number 2.


Thanks for everyones input so far, its been good.

Now, its not that Im worried about the fat gains. If need be I'll up the calories, but I'm looking for any ideas on how to cure the hunger problem besides eating more if that's possible.

Prof X, I know that you would probably lose weight on 3500 a day but you also have a good 50 or 60 pounds on me as Im only 187 at the moment.

As for training Im just finishing CT's Beast Building program and about to do a couple of weeks of low volume training as he suggested in one of his posts.

Diet is fairly clean except for saturdays which is (as much as I hate the term) cheat day where everything that is edible is eaten, and usually a couple of fast food meals when Im with my mates.

Heres the basic breakdown for every day except Saturday

The "0.7 kg every 2 weeks" is just the avg weight gain over the course of the 12 weeks that Ive been gaining so far and is not exact. Going from week to week, Wednesday to Wednesday I measure on the scales and jot down what I see. In the morning after going to the bathroom.

Thanks pinkponyz for the help on the shoulder issue, broomstick stretches are a good idea.

Ive read most of Cressey's articles on shoulders, posture at least twice but dont specifically targer the two problems Im after. For example In the Neanderthal No More series Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey give two programs in parts 4 and 5 but dont really specify which exercises would be best for which problems. Dont get me wrong Cressey is my favourite wirter on here, but I dont think I can just ask the Authors every time I have a query because they are fairly busy people.