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2 Plead Guilty To Murder In West Philadelphia Abortion Case


So how the hell are you convicted of murder for doing your job? Not sure how the kid being born alive makes a difference when that same kids were just as alive seconds before? Maybe the should have tazed the kids in utero. The difference between a legal procedure and murder is seconds. And how incompetent do you have to be to fuck up killing something? Damn.

Nah, this law is perfectly clear....


It was for the good of the species, or some such thing.


Can you perform abortions in the third trimester in Philly?

As for your questions, seems you'd need more details of the case to answer, no?


why isn't the law clear?

there is a legal abortion, and an illegal abortion. what's not clear other than your ignoring the law, and probably injecting your pro-life sensibilities into the analysis?

don't bother to reply with your pro-life position. I'm not sure I'd disagree with your analysis of what constitutes "life" but that's not the issue with the law and you know it.

they were doing some heinous shit at this clinic (above and beyond your routine abortion).


for the record, this is a local case (to me). babies survived late term abortions (in other words, they were actually "delivered"). their lives were then extinguished.

if you cannot discern the difference between a legal abortion (whether you agree with the abortion laws or not is irrelevant) and what occurred in these cases, there is not point in having a thread or a discussion.


The blur is, in my opinion, why is it suddenly heinous once the child is outside the mother? What is the moral difference between slitting the throat of a child a second before it is born versus a second after?

Damn the law.


right; "damn the law". start an abortion thread dude. at least there you won't argue in circles.

even the late term abortions in this case were illegal. these babies were actually delivered. these were not "abortions". it was no different than a mother giving birth in a hospital and the doctor severing the spine thereafter.

damn the law. yet the OP was about the law.

again, start and abortion thread and argue in circles there. i pointed out what the problem with THIS case was and why they were charged with murder, UNDER THE LAW.


The details are spelled out enough. Basically, these nimrods are really bad at doing abortion, like it's hard or something. So rather than finishing the kid off in utero, they finished the kid off outside the womb, supposedly born viable. Of course the second before they were in utero, and just as fucking viable. The difference is that in one second they go from performing a legal procedure to being convicted of murder....That's a pretty drastic line to draw don't you think? After all the action is the same, it's just the location that changes.


Wrong wrong wrong.

First, 24 weeks is the legal line in the sand in PA. These were third trimester babies which is defined to be week 28 to birth.

Next, one woman died due to a "massive overdose" of anesthesia.

The abortions for which they were charged firstly were illegal and they were killing viable, birthed babies.

Still don't understand the "difference" between a LEGAL abortion and the crimes committed here?


Was it two doctors?

Didn't read the thread but it would make sense.


One doc, and 8 staff....
That makes sense to you? One second it's a legal procedure, the next it's murder? Can you expand on that a little.




Don't tell me this cry baby has me on ignore. Then again, that would be consistent with his prior behavior. I feel a personal attack coming...and a departure from the facts.