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2 Plate Bench, 3 Plate Squat, and 4 Plate Deadlift by 2019

Long time Tnation reader, first time poster. A little bit about myself… I am a 24 year old 5 foot 10 154 lbs guy with free time and a passion for lifting.I have a year of experience doing calisthenics and have been following the alphadestiny novice program for a month now, so I already have a 5rm of 65 kilos for the squat, 5rm of 50 kilos for the paused bench and 80 kilos for the deadlift.

My goal is to hit 100 kilos on the bench, 140 kilos on the squat and 180 kilos on the deadlift.

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, English is not my first language.


Definitely in for this.
Welcome to the party.
We’we got similar goals. I’m a bit ahead, but you got the youth for your advantage :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll enjoy the log and this very friendly place. There’s a lot of very nice and funny people around here.


February 7th

Pause Squat(back folding over out of the hole so doing pause squats) = 40 kgs(90 pounds) x 5,5, 5,5,5
Military press = 78 pounds × 6,5.5
Deadlift = 165 × 5
Close grip bench press = 95 pounds x 8,7,6
Wweighted chinups = 5 lbs × 4,3,3
Weighted planks = 35 lbs-45 seconds x 3

Lol, a “bit”. You have almost a 100 pounds more on the deadlift. I’ve been browsing the forums for that last couple of months so I know that a lot of guys/girls are cool. Good luck on your 2018 goals and hope you demolish them :muscle:

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Thanks man, at my age PR’s don’t come easy. Yeah DL and Squat went up, but they are stalling.
I know I’ll get the Bench, have been there a couple of years ago. And I am very close.
Just keep grinding away. Put up some halfway goals, you kind of know you can manage. It’s great to get to a point and say, yeah I did it, next mark is going down.

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You need to get bigger to achieve your goals. A lot bigger, like 30 to 40 pounds of lean mass bigger, and that’s just for starters at your height. Make that your focus. Train some big lifts like a bodybuilder: probably squats, bench, military press, dips, barbell rows, pull-ups and dumbbell rows. Deadlift won’t hurt but the return on investment isn’t great. If you get strong at squats and barbell rows chances are you’ll be a decent deadlifter.

Best of luck.


Thanks man that’s also part of my plan. I want to gain 25+ pounds of muscle by the end of the year.


In for the progress

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in for ur log

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In too, make sure to check the logs around here, there’s a lot of smart and strong people who log their stuff here




Thank you for all the tips kind sirs.Hopefully I’m not doing too many things at once cause I’m trying to improve on like 5 different exercises

February 9th

Squat = 70kg x 6 + 60kg x 5,5. Ugly first set, decent second and third set.

bench press-
51 kg x 8,6
Paused bench-
51 kg x 5
Forgot that I was doing paused
bench and did 2 sets of normal bench press. Ugh. Will go to the gym again after 12 hours and redo it.

Paused bench round 2:
51 kilos x 6, 5, 5.
Last set 2 reps were not paused.
Pendlay row = 60 kgs x 6,6,5
Overhead barbell Tricep extensions = 10 kilos/22 pounds + weight of short barbell(12 kilos) x 10,10,10
Preacher curl = 27kg x 8,6,6
Stiff legged deadlift = 60 kg x 6,5,5
Hanging leg raises = 3 sets of 10

Don’t know if the way I recorded may lifts was good or not. Please feel free to give me any advice on form so that I don’t die.

In for the ride, you deff have age on your side. Listen to Mark he makes a lot of sense. Eat big, train the big movements like a bodybuilder for a while and you will be surprised how strong you will get. All it takes are hard work and consistency in training, eating and sleeping.


An easy and clean way to record your lifts is putting weight x reps

For example if you did a set of six and two sets of five with 60kg on bench it could be

60kg x 6,5,5

It’s a lot more compact than 60 x 6 + 60 x 5 etc.

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Will do.I will also edit my old posts so it looks better.

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Don’t I need a strength base first? Starting strength type shit with maybe a few accessories? Won’t that give me 30 pounds of muscle over a year?

There are probably as many advices as members in the forum, maybe not.
But eat a lot of clean non junk food. Train hard.
There are many ways to skin a bear. Starting strength is one, 5x5 is another, there are a lot out there. Search CT’s best damn workout for natties. I think it’s called.
Learn the lifts properly with weights you can dominate.
Should I suggest something: big lifts as @MarkKO says. Work up to a heavy 5, back off and to some sets in the 10 - 12 rep range.
And did I say eat: keep track of nutrition, scale weight must go up slowly and steadily, keep an eye on the mirror.
As many in here have said before me: if you want to lift big, you must eat big.


That’s what I’m focusing on, training is a blast but the nutrition is a pain in the ass. I eat like a bird

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Protein powders and whole milk for the win