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2 On, 4 Off HRT?


Hi guys,

I'm 36 and my test is low/normal, 14.6nmol/L. I am looking for a boost without compromising what I already have and was wondering if I could cycle AndroForte (Australian product) 2 on 4 off in a similar fashion to Bill Roberts protocol indefinitely?
I believe it is my testes and not my pituitary that are dragging the chain, my FSH is 8 U/L and LH is 4 U/L.

I've had a varicocele embolisation and an injury both to the left teste (which is now half the size of the right), and, back in the day, the collective ignorance of myself and my doctor saw me taking rediculous amounts of HCG, which I'm led to believe has irreversible effects.

I really appreciate any imput, can post more lab results if required.


The folks here are probably going to want ranges with those values you listed. If you have more complete blood work, list that as well. Just edit your original post and put the ranges in. I've never heard of this Bill Roberts protocol...


read the advice for new guys sticky


2% T cream

There are other options.

You can't supplement T. That reduces your own production for no net gain. You need to replace current production then from there you get increases.

TRT is not cycled, for reasons that you will understand in time.


Thank you very much, I will read that and post all the relevant info. Have to shoot off for a week with no internet but will fully comply to the sticky rules when I get back.
Thanks again.