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2 on 4 off for Bill

I’m interested in the 2 on 4 off program used by Bill Roberts. I was wondering how one would stack a cycle of D-bol and winstrol. I wanted to take high dosages for two weeks (50mg/day of each)and then take smaller dosages in the mornings during the “off” weeks. I was thinking 10-20 mg of each/day in mornings- how much would be best. I’m 200lbs and trying to add 10-20 lbs of lbm during the on times and lose 20 lbs of fat during the off periods. I willing to repeat such a cycle 4 times or so, longer if I like it. I plan on taking clomid throughout and do have access some shorter acting injectibles, durabolin, test prop, tren (waiting for brocks kit cuz magic dissolving liquid doesn’t sound like something I want to inject). I know primo would help but it’s rather costly. Oh, diet would resemble get big for bb on “on weeks” and t-dawg on “off weeks”

Thanks for your help

Good question! I too would be interested in perhaps an article (or, Bill, feel free to answer here) regarding different 2-week cycle plans, e.g durabolin and winstrol, durabolin and prop, prop and d-bol, etc. Which is most effective, which has least suppression, what dosages are most beneficial, etc. Thanks in advance.