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2 on 4 off cycle

I’m thinking of doing a 2 on 4 off cycle using 50 mg of dbol per day during the “on” weeks in divided doses. Any thoughts on what kinds of gains I can expect to see?

As Brock would say, exactly 5.2345 lbs. Burt, there are a lot more factors than just the steroid and dosage used and length of cycle. Here are a some big factors: age, training age, diet and supplementation, training, previous use of steroids, bodyweight and bodyfat %, etc. Consider putting more facts about yourself in your next post or adding to this one if you want some help with your cycle. IMO, dbol by itself at 50mg/day for two weeks probably won’t get you gains of more than 10 lbs. of lbm. More likely to get around 5 lbs. or less.

you’re right, i should have included more info about myself. i’m 22 years old, never used before, 5’10", 215#, about 15% bf measured on a tanita scale, train 3x/week in a kind of powerlifting style, pr’s 430 squat, 320 bench, 510 dl, all competition legal. let’s see, what else? i don’t really want to gain shitload of weight real quick, i’m in a situation where i can’t afford to gain 25# in 6-8 weeks b/c people (the wrong ones) will notice. so i’m actually looking to get anywhere from 5-10# of lbm per two week on cycle and hopefully keep most of it. if i could do a succession of 2 on 4 off cycles, say maybe 3 and get 15# that i would keep that would be ideal. let me know if more info about me would be helpful. thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give me.

Not a lot really. You should combine the D-Bol with say Deca to get some good results. In my opinion, D-bol alone will not give you much at all. Don’t waste your D-Bol.

don’t use deca if you’re doing a 2 week cycle. Since dbol is a class II, you ought to combine it with a class I steroid. since you’re looking for minimal weight gain you could opt for some trebolone (fina) or some primo (oral or injectable) or a short-acting injectable of T. There are lots of choices and combinations you could do. Do you already have the dbol? Is that all you can get? If not, what else can you get your hands on?

i don’t have the dbol yet. i can get my hands on test prop but i would have to use a kit to convert it from the powder to the injectable and i’m not sure if i want to be messing around with that at this stage (still really new at the whole thing). i can also get winny and anadrol. i’m guessing anadrol and dbol are probably in the same class; maybe add some oral winny to the dbol cycle?