2 On, 4 Off Cycle

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the vets & contributors alike (Bill Roberts, Cy Wilson, J.B., etc…) for their countless posts, articles and literature on the topic of AAS. Thanks for the knowledge and tutorials. It has been enlightening.

After careful cost/benefit analysis, I will be undertaking the 2 On, 4 Off protocol suggested by Mr. Roberts. I am looking to the win the race slow and steady, add some strength & lbs, but at the end of the day maintain my health. I figure anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds of lean gains can be maintained post cycle, repeated a few times, and will add up to a solid 15lbs at year’s end… a reasonable goal I think.

I am 33 years old. This would be my first cycle. I am currently 6’4, 220… built like a swimmer. Prob. 9-10% bodyfat. I am still 6-8 months away from beginning this journey, as I still have not reached my genetic potential, and still need to learn more about this whole process. I should also mention that I have been a professional athlete for the last 12 years since I was drafted out of college. In the off seasons I get up to about 230, my lifts get solid, nutrition is sound…only to take 2 steps back over the course of the 8 month season where diet is shit, bus trips are plenty, and surviving through September with shoulder intact is the main goal. So that is why even though I’ve been lifting for 15 years, I am not sitting at 230-240lbs and strong as shit.

Stats: Squat… 335 Dead… 405 Power Clean… 225
I run a sub-6 minute mile and swim 1000 yards in 16 minutes.
My main goals are physique enhancement, added strength, a few lbs… basically just get more athletic and faster in the pool.

Cycle Proposition: Day 1-12 Test Prop 75mg/day ED
Day 1-12 D-Bol 30mg/day ED in 3 evenly divided doses
My AI will be Adex .125mg ED days 1-28
My SERM is Nova 30mg ED days 14-28

                     2 Weeks off...... then repeat 2x

Thanks for your comments gentlemen.
All the best.

Run the Dbol 1-14.

Did you consider a prop frontload?

Yes, you can, and I would say should, use the Dianabol every day of the cycle.

And as GI Joe Galway suggests, a fronload of the propionate would be advisable. This will be three times the daily dose, or in your case, about 225 mg. (Rounding to 200 mg would be perfectly accetable.)

When I did the math out, in order to get to working blood levels quickly, and have non-suppressive levels on day 15 with prop, I figured out the following dosing schedule:

175 175 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 50 coincidentally, this is exactly 1 gram of test p

you shouldn’t need the AI through PCT, but feel that out, I guess.

Also, I agree with everyone else, in that you should run the dbol for 14 days.

Otherwise, looks solid

Thank you for stopping by my post guys, and for the fine tuning.
I will implement these strategies & keep you abreast of how the cycle proceeds.


can you explain your 335 deadlift and 405 power clean?

The use of the dots is somewhat confusing, but the meaning I think was:

Squat: 335
Dead: 405
Power Clean: 225

you got it Mr. Roberts

haha i selectively read the 405 and power clean together and then ignored the rest :slight_smile: my bad but good job!