2 On, 3/4 Off for MMA

First of all, I love(d) short cycles, did 3 2 weekers, 1 3 weeker and 1 4 weeker. A 2 weeker Bill Roberts style was my best cycle. I was basicly the pioneer of short cycles in my “roid community”, most people here think 2 weekers are a dangerous waste of time, money and anabolics. Seems here they disagree, which is good.
I ended up stopping them(big mistake) because the strength gain wasn’t spectacular compared to the muscle gain, and for my sport it should be the other way around.

I was wondering what you guys considered the ultimate short cycle would be for a mma-fighter. I’ve made my mind up about fighting in a heavier weightclass(255lbs - open), I have a lot more chance at becoming national champion. I’m at 248lbs right now, so I’m going to try gain a couple of extra pounds getting me to about 260-265, while increasing strength a lot and not decreasing my cardio.

I was thinking about doing 2 weeks on(with the focus on strength&power, wrestling and technique) 3-4 weeks off(focus on sparring, stand-up and endurance).

My base compound will be anavar. I love var, and I got plenty of powder left. 50mg/ed.

My second compound is less certain, I’d like to stay away from tren, masteron, winny, halo and dbol since my past experiences with those weren’t that good.

So I was thinking about trying a low dose of oxy(25-50mg/ed). Even tho it’s known for killing endurance, a low dose will increase my RBC and strength, while not holding too much water weigth, so it might be even beneficial for endurance. In any case, I want my endurance to be “maintained” while on-cycle, I use the off-weeks to up it.

I still have proviron so I could stack it with oxy, it might cancel out the sides(still doing research about this.

Other thinks that have crossed my mind were low dose test, (which didn’t do much for me except up my libido and making me lazy, but I used it while cutting so that might be the explanation), tbol(which is quite often faked over here) and oral primo.

Any hints? Anything is welcome, but I’d rather hear an opinion or experience of someone who has done a similar sport. Especially about a low dose oxy for endurance, I know 1 cyclist who did/does this, he actually put this id in my mind.