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2 On 2 Off for 16 Weeks...


8 weeks on total. High Dosing Test P/Anadrol

Has any heavyish bodybuilders on here had any experience with anything like this and possible


Cycle history:4
Used: Test, EQ, Winny, Dbol, Masteron, Tren, Anadrol, Nolva

Current Cutting Cycle on now:

1225 Sust, 980 EQ, 577 tren Ace, 140 mast. 3.5 weeks in long way to go.

Height: 5"11.5

Age: 29 Years old

Weight: 270 lb 20% bf

After all the reading I have done I would like to try 2 on 2 off for a safer/cheaper cycling option after long pct is complete of the cycle i am on now, to see if I can still gain well with something like:

1400mg/week Test P and 875mg/week Anadrol (12 days on test/16 off, 14 days on Anadrol/14 off).

Goal will be mass + Explosive strength.

Any largish guys have any first hand experience with something like this?


Not in my case. I've done extended back-to-back 2 on / 2 off cycles, but not with that particular combination of drugs.

I would stop the testosterone propionate on day 10, and for that matter take the injection as early in the day as possible. Even this is marginal with regards to being in a recovery-suitable state for day 15. I've done that with 1050 mg/week.

Using Anadrol in combination with that much testosterone, I'd definitely recommend keeping estrogen levels under control with an antiaromatase.


Bill, would it be possible to this kind of cycling with milder substances to prevent any needs of PCT what so ever?


Well, if there is no PCT then testicular atrophy tends to accumulate with multiple cycles when there are only 2 weeks off. It's a slow process, and I don't have a basis to say it would be true for everyone. In fact I only know of my own case in this regard, but if anything I seem to have less tendency to testicular atrophy (when not doing anything to avoid it) than many do, so with the above being the case for me I expect it would be true for many.


When pursuing this type of extended 2on 2 off, would it be advisable to include hcg through the entire cycle?


Thank you for your imput Bill much appreciated.

I was also doubting adequate clearance of the test for pct 12 days on.

Extended back-to-back cycles with lower doses than I had above may just be the better option for
me I never really thought of that to be honest.

Lower doses to around 1g test @ 10days + 700 anadrol 14 days 2on 2 off repeat 5-6 times.

Recovery will be better between cycles and as longer timeframes are used while cycling the same drugs i would think more accumulation of muscle/effects should occur over time (i may be wrong) cycling the same compounds in this way.

Not giving your body really the time to adapt to the drugs but still giving it a chance to build up accumulation
of effects somewhat of the drugs used over time.

I believe (but may be wrong again) changing the drugs every two weeks would be overall less effective for these above reasons.

I am not one that likes changing drugs in cycles every 4-8 weeks, i prefer consistent and continuous progress and I fine tune acordingly.

I take your recommendation to use an AI the problem is just getting any...

I read about the potential estrogen reducing properties of masteron and used it at (315mg/week) together with nolvadex (10mg/day) before with high dose test and had no problems at all with estrogen (apart from some visible water retention which doesnt really bother me). I believe I lost 2-3 kilos of water in 2-3 weeks if I remember correctly with this combination.

I did this as nipples became puffy (not yet sensitive or sore just puffy) and they went right down and visible bloat reduced about 40% i think...I was pleasantly suprised I think I must be less suceptable to estro sides than most for the moment.


I am curious about atrophy also as I dont notice any atrophy for myself in the first 2 weeks at all
of a cycle but do definetly notice 3-4 weeks in.

Although i bounce back and atrophy/sex drive reverses very quick quick post cycle even after a long cycle.

But I do do some weeks of low dose orals+zma+start nolva, then nolva+zma, then zma after i stop injectables.

Sex drive and testicular size through the roof. Mood great. I believe due to increasing age and if I continue with these long cycles, my chace of this sort of great recovery will decline progressively.

This is a large part of my decision to probably do 2 on 2 off cycles from here on after this current cycle.

And aslo not having the wish any more for massive gains.