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2 On 2 Off Experiment


Today was day 1 of my 2 on 2 off experiment.

First 2 minicycles will be 100mg/day suspension and 20mg/day Halo (10mg subling. BID) w 1mg Adex EOD

Note: Today was my first inj of suspension. Clogged up in a 25g .5" in the left delt, went very easily through a 22 g. to the R Glute.

Suspension hurts. Not so bad after the fact, but on the way in... OW! I will try cutting it in half w/ some bacteriostatic water and try through the 25g .5" in the right delt tomorrow.

Will run a SERM during "off" weeks.

After the ouchies today, I'm thinking I will switch to prop for my third minicycle. I will make a decision on the halo as time goes on.

My only goals for this cycle are to increase my core lifts. IF someone is interested, and wants me to, I will jump on a scale tomorrow morning to get a baseline for bodyweight.


Where did you get your suspension.. seeing as it clogged i assume it isn't miscronized as is HG susp..?


100mg of suspension is quite a hefty amout of test, roughly equivilant of 1000mg/week of test e. Did you feel the effects in a couple of hours after injection? I think prop hurts just as bad as suspension. I am going to do a 2/2 very soon. Good luck with your cycle.


I am interested in your weight increases as well as core lift increases.


Brook, YGPM

Mephistoph: The only real "feel" I've ever gotten from test is being horny as hell (which I am generally even when off), and feeling stronger in the gym. Maybe some general well being as well. ONCE I had some insomnia issues, but that may or may not have been attributable to the test. And to answer you succinctly, I may have felt some libido changes, but it wasn't a night and day thing by any means. The only thing completely noticeable at this point is the "hardness" that my muscles seem to get when on has already started.

Bence: Weighed in this morning, post-pee and pre-food at 218. I can't give you any real indication of bf levels, but think... charles atlas? I dunno. As long as I don't get that PLer gorilla gut, I really don't care too much.


Good news: 1cc test susp + .5cc BW = easy painless injection in R Delt. Thweet.


I was going to suggest cutting it with some BW or B12, but you have figured it out.
My friend was running a standard test-e cycle, and he used suspension pre-training as a ergo-aid. 100mg, 1hour before training. Strength and aggression increase was quite noticable.


Well, I went to the mall today, and some little inked up hottie ended up having some absolutely FILTHY things done to her. And the hot chick at the check out counter. And one more in the parking lot.

In my head :frowning:

So I would say I'm feeling it, lol. Libido is HIGH

Nothing so far has really resulted in "aggression" in the gym (or anywhere else for that matter) but I will say that I've already got a little more "steam" to get through more accessory work, and maybe a little better "focus" when under iron.

Time will tell. If halo and 100mg/day suspension doesn't get me aggressive, nothing will.


In the gym today: set 5lb bench PR. Then I did it two more times. (Three singles, not 3 reps).

Weight is up nominally.

No real "aggression" issues.

Side note: so I always aspirate, and never get anything. Today I got about a CC of blood into my syringe before I realized what was up. So I pulled out, re-wiped injection site with alcohol, got a new needle, and injected the whole bloody mess of suspension and blood. Yucky looking, but I figured if it came out, it can go back in. Did I do bad?


Nope, you figured right it is fine. Could leave a bruise though. Hasn't happened to me yet but I am pretty new to to injecting myself.

5 lb pr for three singles, very good!

Where were you injecting that you drew blood?


Currently running 100mg/day suspension and 20mg/day halo. I was injecting the suspension.


Come on, OT I know what you are doing here I read your log. I asked WHERE were you injecting that caused you to aspirate blood? quads?


Ah. Right Glute.


Anyone know of any safe/effective appetite stimulants... mine is gone


So far GHRP is the best appetite stimulant i have ever used or could hope for.


Oy... now I have a whole new set of compounds to research.....




I use Kynoselen for engery/appetite stimulation. 2ml ED for 1-2 week, and 2ml EOD thereafter.
I get better pump, energy and appetite from it. You can use it in between mini-cycles.


BW 225 (+7)

Hit previous PR squat for a double today, and probably could have gotten a triple, but left it "in the tank"

Today is day 11 of first minicycle, by the way. Daily injections get old. Actually, its not the injection, its the charlie horse feeling for 36 hours afterwords at each inj site.

Yesterday I had a long drive, and sitting still forever was MURDER on the low back... just burned like I had been doing hypers all day, but I wasn't. Does this sound like the dreaded "low back pumps"? If so, is this common with the compounds I'm taking?


Appetite stimulants ?? You mean like B-12, Kynoselen, Grass, or Boldenone ??


Thats what I meant! How effective is B12? I ask about that, as its legal, and therefor readily available at reasonable price.

Boldenone wouldn't work here... too long an ester... though maybe like a gram on day 1 would work?