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2 On/ 2 Off Cycle Log -Test Prop / Dbol


I am in the half of my cycle, day 7, and strenght and endurance in the weight room is way up.
Started to feel ON at day 3.

SO far only 1 rest day, and my split is: Chest-Shuolders /Back/Legs/Biceps-triceps

I have already gained 7 pounds, little to no bloat in face or body, even with that dose of Dbol. Controled sodium ingestion and regular Sauna helps (my impression)
Sex drive is normal, exactly like off cycle.
Added a frontload of HCG and using doses between 750 - 1200 week only to be super safe that my testicles wont shrink, as i am very prone to this.
Testicle size is the same so far, if not bigger than before cycle.

I think letro is helping me with the anti bloating and maybe i can blame it to the only "normal" sex drive too. The "5 times a day" that im used to when using test is not happening this time; but neigher the bloating, acne, HBP, and other nasty estrogen sides. loving letro so far

Added proviron because i had some pills left from another cycle, and i will give a harder/dry look.

So far happy with my protocol, Im feeling no bad sides, only the good ones.
Next 2 weeker will be Tren ace and dbol, If I am able to get the tren.
Opinions and questions are welcome.



Cool, I have been looking for an example of someone doing the 2 on 2 off cycle with results. From the sticky I have read on this forum it seems like the type of cycle that would agree with me the most (flying under radar and slow but steady gains over a year).

That's 200mg of Test P every day? How many injection sites are you rotating (curious as I heard Test P is painful as fudge, not sure if it is as bad as Winstrol injection).

Keep it updated. I'm really interested in how this works for you.


Also, you do not use PCT during 2 weekers, am I correct in my understanding?


Looks too me like its 200 for day 1 and 2 then drops to 100 for the remainder of the cycle.


Today it was the first time i felt sides. Dbol back pumps. after my usual Padel game that lasted about 1:30 hours, my back was hurting like a 70 years old man. took contrast shower and got a little better, then tried to do squats but it was impossible. ended up training legs at machine stations as they put less pressure on lower back. will try taurine, heard it helps. any advice here would be of help.
I noticed Sauna and massages help a lot, but im sure that if i run or do squats again, they will come back.

Im rotating glutes, Ventroglutes, and deltoids. Not painfull at all. I think the pain has more to do with the benzyl alcohol in the mix, and the quality of the lab.

On the other side, my experience with INJ winny was a pain in the ass, literally. It is water based and has micro crystals in it. nothing to compare with an oil based test.


Some use, others not. its up to you. As far as for me, I know HCG during and a serm after cycle will help test size and function. My HPTA is not as strong as others, so any thing that helps recovery is a must for me.


Exactly :wink: will try to up the dose of test the next cycle. The only problem is the amount of oil that you have to inject daily. 50mg/1ml is not optimal, but its the only thing i can get. at least it doesnt hurt.


update: yesterday was my last day on cycle. at the end of the 14 days i started to feel really strong and vascularized. ended up with 13 extra pounds. same definition and hopefully not so much water weight. lets see how PCT goes!!


Any update on this?


Yes,, I finished the first 2 weeks cycle and ended with 13 extra pounds. over the course of the 2 off weeks i lost something around 6 pounds, i think mostly water weight and glucose depletion.
after the 2 off weeks i started another 2 weeker with the same protocol as above, and added winny to the mix at 40mg day, just cause i had it on hand and to add more mgs to the total amount of steroids. again, gained another 10 pounds on this cycle and now im finishing my first off week after the second 2 weeker. strenght is way up and not feeling weak when off, but only a little less pump and vascularized.
one of the annoying things i am noticing is a lot of bacne on this off week, i dont know the real reason but i suppose it is the high dose SERM. (my back is filling with big and small pimples). Lowering the dose today to 20mg of nolva (day 7) and will see if it gets any better.

another thing to mention is that i kept HCG at a dose of aprox 1700 UI weekly (the upper range thar BR recomended on his protocols) on the second 2 weeker in order to asses testicle shrinkage and recovery after cycle, and i can say that altough testicles shrunk a little during the second week, they went back to normal within 3 days of the off week. ive always had difficulty recovering testicle size but HCG seems to help a lot on this area.
Libido has always been good, actually it is better one the off weeks than on the ON weeks, maybe due to the strict letro dosing.

IMHO these cycles are very good to keep making slow but steady gains or recover some lost gains, and not loosing any strenght after cycle is over.AND you know you only have to wait 2 weeks and then you can juice again, NICE! haha

On my next cycle im planing on jumping to a OXY/WINNY combo for 2 weeks, at a dose of 100/50 ...will keep updates on this too.

hopefully the info im giving is helpful, and im glad to answer any question.



1700 iu/week of hcg is way more than is needed. 750 iu, tops, to maintain testicular size and function during cycle.


in some old and not so old posts there are many opinions about HCG weekly doses, which range from 750 ui/week at the lower end, and 1700 at the higher end. my dosing schedule for this cycle was 500UI as a frontload the first day, and then 200UI ED until day 10... not sure if ideal but it helped keeping testicular size more than a lower dose...

are you saying 1700 UI/week could cause problems like desensitize the ledig's cells?
looking forward to your answer,
cheers bro


Truthfully, i dont KNOW if 1700 iu will desensitize the leydig cells. But I do know that 750 iu has been shown to be a replacement dose equivalent to natural production. So from that standpoint, there is no benefit to adding more since you also have exogenous test in your system as well. No need to send them into "overdrive" so to speak.


Please keep updating this, I am following you with the two-weekers.



x2, I really like the idea of it. Slowly going up and only needing to take 4 weeks off from cycling as opposed to big drops after longer cycles and just waiting around for the next cycle to start. I only have Test E right now so I'm sticking with a 10 week cycle but I think I'll try prop next time for a few 2on/2off or 2on/4off cycles


today is day 14 off cycle. testicles are as full as before cycle and libido is good. been taking pink magic to help the testosterone boost, but im not really convinced if it helped....
got my hands on some Drol and winny, as it promises to be a kick ass 2 weeker...but then i red from BR that adding anavar to the mix would very be benefical to increase gains....and i can get var only in 4-6 days from today, so i think i will continue the pink magic for these days until i get the var, and then start the next two weeker...

my weight is +12 lb compared to the beginning of all this. i think i could have kept even more of my gains made in these 2 short cycles, but as i play padel 4-5 times a week, sometimes my calorie burning exeeds my caloric request, but i always try as hard as possible to keep it up so i dont loose any weight (force feeding myself sometimes)

when my anavar arrives i will continue updating my status, weight, etc.
cheers and any question will be answered asap!


had a terrible left testicle pain yesterday, that lasted 2 hours aprox. happened 2 times before but never as painfull as yesterday...
this only happens when they are full-sized and recovered...any suggestions of what this could mean?
thinking about going to the doctor tomorrow...


Not to be funny. This happened to me a few years ago. Go to the doctor especially if you wake up and it's worse than before. I had an infection in my testicle (Epididymitis). If that's what it is you will hurt so fucking bad tomorrow morning you'll barely be able to walk. Get some antibiotics and you'll be good in no time.

ALSO do not tell your wife/significant other that you have ghonorhea! No joke, my doctor thought it might be ghonnorhea/syphilis and asked if I had been fucking around on my wife or if she had fucked around on me. DO NOT tell them what the doctor says, you WILL end up divorced.


Good stuff, I am thinking I will definitely have to give these short runs a try in the future after my 10 week test E cycle. So do you feel your HPTA recovery with just 2 weeks off is sufficient? How many 2on/2offs are you planning on doing before taking a longer time period off? I think I will probably start off trying 2on/4off.


with the HCG usage during cycle until day 11, on day 15-19 i feel a little flat, with low pump. on day 20 i start feeling the pump again and muscles start to look fuller again. on day 21 testes are at their 75% size aprox... day 25 feeling strong and testes are full-sized.
libido has never been down on the off time, strenght is always up and now, on day 31 , i got a PR on bench press. lost 1,5 pounds more from the 12 that i gained, but im looking better than ever, and feeling stronger than ever too.
loving this kind of cycles, specially due to rapid recovery, and no real "off feeling".

i think i will run 2-3 more shorties before stopping for more time, but hopefully my gear arrives
soon enought! until then i will be recovering; it will look something like 2on, 3-4off, depending on the arrival date...but as i said before, im strong and big and im on my 3rd week off. so i think i will do this kind of cycles forever¡¡!!
only bad experience is acne on the first off week, will try to lower the SERM for the next pct, and see how recovery goes...(always low dose letro)

cheers bro!!