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2 On 2 Off Cycle for Dieting


I've been using a 2on/4off cycle to put weight on. I find them absolutely ideal considering the extremely limited downtime.

I'll continue through the winter, but was curious how well 2on-2/4off would work when dieting.

I question the protocol because in traditional mid length cycles, you would have one full stretch (of say 8 weeks) to diet off unwanted gains. In contrast, there are "holes" in between two weekers where you don't have the safety net of androgens.

anyone have experience running two weekers when cutting? any suggestion in terms of setup?


I used two methods with this. The first was having the 2 "on" weeks being very careful bulking that was intended to put on little to no fat but with good though not maximal support for growth; having the first off week be at maintenance calories as I tend to think recovery is better when this is done; and the remaining three off weeks be cutting weeks.

The other method was having all weeks except the first off week be cutting weeks, and with the first off week again being at maintenance calories.

The second method was chosen when faster overall rate of cutting was needed.

I didn't use 2 on / 2 off for cutting but if I did, I believe I would use the second method.



I couldn't have asked for a better person to respond.

On that note, would you cycle your calories lower during the on weeks?

Like so...

week 1 and 2 (on): 8 cal per pound
week 3 (off): 15 cal per pound
week 4, 5, 6 (off): 10 cal per pound


That would be a good plan for fast cutting.

Best of results!!


What gears you used for 2on2off bulkings? And how much mgs!
Thanks its really interesting me!



i actually did 2 on 4 off. i need a mental break of about a month from pinning myself everyday (and so do my nuts).

my cycles always have tren and dbol in them. the last one looked like this;

day 1: tren@200mg
day 2-11: ~75mg everyday
day 1-14: 50md dbol everyday


Hahah i never tried tren yet:P how much weight you gain on these mini cycles?! It would be doable with prop right?



i've put on about 20lbs over 2 cycles (12 weeks) with (at least 10 lbs being water).

prop would work equally well, but i would be very careful with gyno if you were combining that much prop and dbol.