2 on 1 off? Elaborate please

I read about the 2 on 1 off system (Bill Robert’s) in the April issue. I’m very interested but I think I need more info to do it right.

I have no recollection of what I wrote in the article… but what was not clear, that needed
more information?

The basic thing as at the 2 week point, but
not afterwards, your pituitary is actually
sensitized to producing LH more than usual
so recovery can be very quick. Past 2 weeks,
its responsiveness quickly goes in the toilet
and recovery is slower.

Therefore one wants with the 2 week cycle to
have levels of androgen in the body by the
start of week 3 that are at most partially
supressive and rapidly decreasing to non-suppressive. This more or less means short
acting injectables and orals only. However,
Primobolan can be used at pretty much any amount on day 1 followed by 200 mg twice
per week right up till the 2nd injection of
week 2. Another possibility is to use up to 750 mg Sustanon,
testosterone enanthate, or testosterone cypionate on Day 1 as the only injection. This is not preferred however to using shorter
acting injectables, since levels will be quite
a lot less than you’d want for anabolic purposes during week 2.

actually bill it wasn’t you but Brock who wrote about your system (briefly) in “gang of five”.(april 2001) it was in response to a question regarding the safety of orals on the liver.