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2 months

alright guys, i have small delts all around, small arms and small calves compared to everything else…what do you think would be the best program for bringing up these parts in the next two months? I came up with two ideas -

1)a modification of waterbury’s new program -
HEAVY DAY 1- barbell curl(for puny bis), tricep pressdown(for punier tris), upright rows(for my deflated delts), standing calf raise(8x5 each exercise)
LIGHT DAY 1- same exercises with the the parameters set forth by waterbury (2x40)

  • maintenance workout for chest and back
    (heavy bench, weighted chin)
    HEAVY DAY 2-same as HEAVY DAY 1
    LIGHT DAY 2-same as LIGHT DAY 1
  • maintenance workout for upper legs
    (heavy front squats, heavy sumo deadlifts)


2)EDT program
WORKOUT 1 - edt arm workout (2 PR zones)
+maintenance workout of chest and back
WORKOUT 2-edt shoulders and calves(3 PR zones)
NOTE: I’ll use mostly delt isolation exercises to avoid overtraining bis and tris)
WORKOUT 3-edt arms(3 PR zones)
WORKOUT 4-edt shoulders and calves (2 PR zones)
+maintenance leg workout

-I was trying to figure out how not to overtrain…any feedback would be greatly appreciated fellow T-men! (btw, doing MASSIVE EATING and sleeping like a champ!!)

Be sure to check out Don Alessi’s article “Train for your frame” in a past issue of T-mag. You may have the classic “V” shape physique. If so, he has some exercises to help combat the areas you mentioned.

hey Nate Dogg, i don’t quit fit in either frame…large back but no V-taper (big natural hips), huge upper legs, but small calves…thanks for the response anyway

In that case, you may like Waterbury’s new program. You could also use his 100 reps program to focus on your weak areas! Good luck!

cool program, Chad’s all about the increased training frequency…thanks for the reference Nate Dogg!

Why not do Overhead presses? Militiaries will hit both your triceps and shoulders quite nicely.

But I think upright rows are kinda a wiener lift.

What is your current split? That may indicate why you have this imbalance. Are you already overtraining those parts?
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