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2 Months Working Out in Lockdown

please give me tips, I used to go to fitness studios when I was younger. Now in Lockdown after heavy partying I got into push ups etc again. I definitely already feel progress ij the last 2 months, but my training sessions are very randomly structured

A tip is, if you want people to rate your physique, they have to be able to see it. This isn’t a physique pic, it’s a 3/4 pose from an upward angle in flattering lighting. The most unflattering picture you can take is the one you will receive proper criticism from.

If you feel your training is unstructured, you can go start a training log in the training log subforum, and pop into other people’s threads (especially those with titles that suggest they are training with minimal equipment and during a lockdown) for ideas, and ask questions. There’s a lot of info to be had here, but people will give you more of it if you do some work and go looking for it. Good luck.


Looking VERY “1998 Kid Rock” my dude